Osho Story #1 – “Be Choiceless”

Happy New Year everyone !!

This year I turn 50 and I have created a list of 50 different things that I want to do as a celebration of having spent half a century on Earth. One of the things I have listed is to share 50 stories from Osho’s discourses. Osho always shared some amazing stories and jokes…. they made it easy for lay people to understand difficult philosophical concepts and it also helped the listener who was on the path. By doing this, I am hoping to reflect on these stories and find my own meaning while holding onto Osho’s little finger.

Today’s story is from the book “The Fire of Truth – Discovering your unique individuality”.

“…. I have heard:

Two men were trying to commit suicide. It was a rare phenomenon, that two men, by chance reached the same rock from where they were going to jump into the river. They looked at each other and they said, “Strange. Have you also come here to commit suicide?”

They both said, “Yes.” So before committing suicide there was a little conversation which changed the whole thing. The suicide never happened. They asked each other, “Why are you committing suicide?”

The one said, “I loved a woman and I could not get her because she loved somebody else, and I cannot live without her.” He described the woman, he told the name of the woman, and the other man was shocked. 

He said, “What are you saying? I am committing suicide, because of this woman! – because I got married to her, and I cannot live with her. You cannot live without her; and I cannot live with her. And fate has played a great game to bring us both here on this rock. Now what shall we do? Now, committing suicide seems to be absolutely meaningless.”

But both were right. One could not live without her: he had missed her, he could not get her. The other got her…and soon fails – and we are responsible for it, and everything that was beautiful turns ugly. Something that looked very charming turns out to be very bitter. 

The whole problem is if you can live without any choice. Whatever comes – enjoy it. When it goes, something else comes – enjoy it. Day is beautiful, but night is beautiful in its own way – why not enjoy both? And you can enjoy both only if you are not attached to one. 

So only a choiceness person squeezes the juice of life to its totality. He is never miserable. Whatever happens he finds a way to enjoy it. And this is the whole art of life, to find a way to enjoy it. But the basic condition has to be remembered: be choiceless.”

Replace the woman with anything – beauty, house, promotion, money, power, position, things and the result is the same – the man who gets it is also unhappy and the man who loses it is also unhappy. So “no”thing brings true happiness, then why chase it ?

Enjoy 2019. Be Choiceless !


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