#WhyISupportModi #3 – GAP to Namami Gange

On June 14, 1986 late Mr. Rajiv Gandhi launched the “Ganga Action Plan” with these words “The Ganga is a symbol of our prosperity, our culture, our heritage, our civilization, our philosophies. Many of our religions link to the Ganga and perhaps most of all, it is the holder of our spirituality and our traditions. We have to see that Ganga does not remain just a symbol but it should be such a symbol that will become a part of our everyday life and become a part of the future of India.” Noble thoughts and certainly a project that had to be done, even with an uninspiring name like “GAP”.

After a GAP of 32 long years, under the “Namami Gange” project, on Nov 27, 2018 the 128 year old Sisamau drain in Kanpur that released 14 crore litres of sewage  every day into the Ganga got successfully diverted to the Jajmau treatment plant. Earlier 8 crore litres of the sewage had been successfully routed, but routing the remaining 6 crore litres was proving to be extremely difficult. Uttar Pradesh’s Jal Nigam and Namami Gange engineers managed to do it finally !!

Do read the press release by the government about all the work that is being done under the “Namami Gange” project on this link http://pib.nic.in/newsite/PrintRelease.aspx?relid=186602.

This is the GAP between the family run scam-ridden CONgress governments and a Modi-led government. 

On Dec 21, 2018 there was more reason to cheer as many leading newspapers released articles that said the Marine life in Ganga was set to flourish as the dissolved oxygen level was at the required level, and the pH level too was highly satisfactory. Read the HMV paper Hindustan times article that speaks of this – Marine Life in Ganga set for a splash.

Look at the two pictures below that provide a project update on “Namami Gange” …. can’t remember a single such update given by any government before. Can’t understand how anyone can vote for anybody other than Mr. Modi if they love our country.

Taken from the nmcg.nic.in website
Taken from the nmcg.nic.in website

Jai Hind.

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