The Colours of Winter 2018

I love winters … I love wearing sweaters, shawls, socks and jackets and yes, I love wearing silk sarees :). This year, the winters crept in from Oct as the mornings turned cool and crisp and by Diwali, you felt the need for a light shawl or half sleeve sweaters early in the morning. These photographs  capture some beautiful winter moments –

Oct 29th, the Sunrise at 7 am.
Nov 9th, a couple of days after Diwali and coconut oil starts to solidify. Right now its completely solid 🙂
Nov 28th at 6.15 am – the Yamuna Expressway as we headed out to Lucknow
Nov 28th a half hour later at 6.45 am… beautiful pink sky as the Sun hints slowly shows up
Nov 28th an hour later at 7.20 am as we stopped for refuelling and eating our breakfast at the last fuel pump near the Vrindavan exit. A beautiful Sunrise.
Dec 17th as Amma and I came back from our walk at 5.45 pm. Stunning Sunset…

Have a great day ahead folks !!

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