I want to live in a secular country…

As the Supreme Court bench headed by Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi and comprising Justices S K Kaul and K M Joseph adjourned the hearing on petitions challenging the Allahabad High Court verdict in the Ramjanambhoomi-Babri Masjid site title dispute to January 2019 I suddenly feel the need to live in a country that is truly secular. 

India is no longer SECULAR…. the word introduced by Mrs. Indira Gandhi into the preamble of the constitution during the Emergency years. Surprised? Well, don’t be, we live in India.

Read about it here – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forty-second_Amendment_of_the_Constitution_of_India

An excerpt from this link “The 42nd Amendment also amended Preamble and changed the description of India from ‘sovereign democratic republic’ to a ‘sovereign, socialist secular democratic republic’, and also changed the words ‘unity of the nation’ to ‘unity and integrity of the nation’.”

My understanding of the word secular is that the government treats all religions equally and does not interfere in the running of the places of worship. In the past 20 years see what has happened in India, supposedly a Hindu majority country…

I have a problem with any new places of worship being built. I have a huge problem with the number of churches that have been built because all of a sudden, the church becomes the 4th or 5th largest land owner after the government and the armed forces. Every new church has not been the house of God but the house of incentivised conversion. Every new Mosque makes me wonder if I will have to change my way of life like all those countries where Islam rules.

I also have a couple of fundamental questions – UK is a Christian country, Germany is a Christian country, Ireland is a Christian country, Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country, China is a communist-no religion-atheist country, Afghanistan is a Muslim country, Iran and Iraq are Muslim countries, Israel is a Jewish country, Pakistan is a Muslim country, Indonesia is a Muslim country, France is a Christian country that will soon be a Muslim country, Belgium will apparently be a Muslim country by 2030…. but India HAS to be a secular country. Why? Pray why??

Second question – over the past 800 years nearly 100 million Hindus have been massacred by Islamic invaders, the Brits and then the partition. For the 6 million Jews killed during the Nazi rule, there are memorials and museums and their history is known to every Jewish child as it should be. But there is not a single memorial for this horror visited upon the Hindus !! Why? The silence is deafening.

Now take modern independent secular India – Since 1850s the place where millions of Hindus believe their God, Sri Ram was born is under dispute because an invader called Babur built a mosque over the temple…. the invader’s family then ruled over India for hundreds of years and his great great  great grandson Aurangzeb demolished another sacred temple, the Kashi Vishwanath in Varanasi and built a mosque that cannot be removed…. hundreds of temples are razed to the ground and thousands of Kashmiri Pandits are driven out of their homes and the fount of Hinduism, Jammu & Kashmir while the democratic government looks on…. even more recently Christian graveyards are built next to Hindu temples in TamilNadu and the Sabarimalai Ayyappa temple is under threat because a Muslim gentleman goes to court to ask for women to enter the temple because he feels they are being discriminated against (!!!!?*&@) – so much for a SECULAR country.

With today’s deferment of the Ayodhya Sri Ramjanambhoomi hearing, I feel the Supreme Court seems to have clearly told the millions of Hindus living in India that they are second class citizens in their own land. The Supreme Court never has time to listen to the Kashmiri Pandits case, the RamJanamBhoomi case, the Muslim women’s case who wanted Muslim women to enter Mosques nor the case regarding the Sikh Riots of 1984 but it always has time to listen to a terrorist’s plea to live (e.g Yakub Memon), a Muslim gentleman’s PIL interfering in a Hindu temple (Sabarimalai temple), the urban naxals cases, the Diwali cracker pollution case year after year and Prashant Bhushan’s plea about a non-existent scam…. am no lawyer and haven’t the faintest idea of how the courts work. I truly want to believe that the Supreme Court of India is impartial, independent and delivers justice in every case and I did believe that till today morning. Maybe the uneducated me is unjustified in feeling that the Supreme court is not impartial…. a huge blow to my trust in the august institution :(:(.

Is it time to relook at how judges and the Chief Justice are chosen? It seems a certain number of families send their boys and girls to law schools so that they may dispense justice to the teeming millions …. and I don’t remember any female Chief Justice of India. Time for one? Equality in all spheres has to be ensured. I think it is a fundamental right, but again, am not an expert on the constitution of India.

#SaveHinduism #SaveSabarimala #MandirWahinBanega

…. a deeply disturbed citizen of India.

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