Scotland Day 3 & 4 – Swimming, Cycling, Ice Cream and Fireworks!!

Aug 26th (Sun) and Aug 27th (Mon) 2018 – Edinburgh

It was completely a chance happening that we chose to come to Edinburgh when Sriman and Kiran had a day off on Monday due to the Bank holiday. So we got to spend good time together on Sunday and Monday. Sunday is the day that Sachin goes for his diving classes and this Sunday, Krishnan also joined him but for swimming. We went to the commonwealth games pool and gym that has been built by the city council. Krishnan could swim there as a guest of Sriman and Sachin.

The facility is so impressive – with several coaches for learners and a different pool for diving. The swimming pool’s floor can be raised to reduce the depth or it can be depressed to increase the depth. There are clear lanes for swimmers with differing speeds. Kiran and I were spectators and I never got a chance to read my book as I was fascinated with all the facilities this place had.

The gym and aerobics/yoga studio was also huge and well appointed. We spent almost the entire morning here and I was very impressed with Sachin’s diving. I am scared of jumping into water … from any height, so it was fun to watch little kids, even younger than Sachin, standing on the edge of the diving board and jumping off. There was one little girl who like me was probably scared of jumping into water and started to cry. The coach immediately tried to help her and she did make the jump :).

After the swimming we ate lunch and just took a nap. We planned to go see the Edinburgh castle and a few other sights before having ice-cream at this shop that Sachin and Nikki had recommended.

The Edinburgh castle from afar
A street somewhere near the castle… how stunning the street is
Posters on the wall with information about the Fringe festival events
The Edinburgh castle from our car’s parking spot.

We then walked up the stairs and walked around the streets to enjoy the last day of the annual “Fringe” festival.

People gathered around a musician
A bagpiper in the Scottish Kilt
Our host and hostess with the church in the background. Again look at the buildings behind Sriman and Kiran … so beautiful.
Picture Credits to Krishnan – he took this one from inside the car. Who will buy a camera when your phone can take such awesome pics !!

On the way home we stopped at a view point to take some pictures. I don’t think there are many other places that can match Scotland’s scenic beauty.

We then went home and picked up the kids to have ice cream at St. Luca’s.

The entire family 🙂


Krishnan’s ice-cream temple

The ice-creams were really very good.

The next day we had the unique opportunity to see Sachin and Nikki go off to school while their parents and us enjoyed a day off :):). Krishnan went with Sriman to drop off Sachin. Then Sriman took out his and Kiran’s cycles, inflated the tyres and he and Krishnan tested them with a quick short ride. They seemed fine, so I used Kiran’s bike and Krishnan used Sriman’s after reducing the height of the seat so that he didn’t have to bend forward. We went out for an hour to ride.

For the first time in many years, I could ride without worrying about cars cutting us off or running us off the road. What a relief ! I wish roads in India become just as safe for cyclists someday. We took a couple of pictures of the heather that had pink flowers.

Once the kids got back from school, all of us got ready to go see the fireworks. Sriman again packed a snack bag full of goodies and we wrapped ourselves up well because we were to watch the fireworks from an open park. We went and parked ourselves at a good spot and waited for the fireworks to begin which it did at 9.30 pm. For an hour we enjoyed the fireworks and the full moon while polishing off all the snacks :). These fireworks signal the end of the “Fringe” festival in Edinburgh.

It was good that we bundled up because it did get a little cold out in the park. On the way back we picked up potato “chippies” which is basically what we call potato “wedges” or finger chips in India.

The next day we were off early in the morning for our trip to Inverness and we were getting dropped at the station after dropping Nikki off for school.


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