Rain-Serviced Earth

I love the rains.. it was stormy and raining when I was born, so my mother doesn’t like the rains much for she went through a near death experience while giving birth to me but for me its the sound associated with my birth and hence soothing. Over the last few weeks it has been raining everyday and I tried capturing the different hues of the Earth as it rains.

Everything is green after a shower … the plants just look fresh and lively. Try over-watering them during summers and they will just die out, but rain water that is not be drained off never hurts the plants. Something about nature that we cannot replace !

The misty night ! Its not smog thankfully but rain falling as mist. Its like the dream sequences that they would show in yesteryear movies, but all natural, nothing artificial. The first picture is a contrasting view when the Sun is out after a good shower.

The early mornings … Mom and I have been stealing walks between showers and it has been difficult. Today for instance, we mostly walked between cars in the parking lot as the showers didn’t stop for any length of time. How clean the place looks after a good shower !

Don’t miss the wet crow trying to hide under a roof … it was also cawing out to its fellow crows because there were several small insects and some newly hatched chick that had died for breakfast.

Enjoy the rains and plant as many trees as you can to keep them coming. A parched Earth cannot sustain life. And please give up plastic that clogs the drains and doesn’t decompose for hundreds of years.

#Rains #GiveupPlastic #PlantTrees

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