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When Krishnan and I visited Egypt, way back in 2004, I had carried two cameras and a video recorder. In a 12 day trip I must have taken 2000 photos and that too using film rolls because we didn’t have a digital SLR. Then we upgraded to the digital SLR and I lugged that around for several more years on all our trips. In 2013 while going to Brazil as part of my ISB eMBA, I bought a tiny Canon point and shoot camera at the Dubai airport. It dawned on me suddenly that I am not a photographer and neither Krishnan nor I were planning to become one. I just wanted to click pictures easily and use them for my blogs and as memories of places we visit and the sights we see. Ever since that I have stopped lugging around the digital SLR and all the myriad lenses.

We lost that cute Canon point and shoot in the Chennai floods in 2015 as it was inside the dash of the car and stayed under water for four days. I replaced it with a Nikon Coolpix S7000. When I bought the Nikon S7000 I noticed it said “wifi” and I presumed that it meant I need a wifi connection to connect the camera to….. duh 🙄 ? Of course !!!

Today we are in Varanasi and all of a sudden I was fiddling with the camera and when I came to the wifi settings it said “connect to smart device”…. I immediately got my iPad and tried to connect. The camera kept negotiating but didn’t connect. Then I googled to find out that I had to download an app and did that. Instantly, I was able to download the pictures to my iPad and even use the iPad as a remote to click pictures !

I had to click Krishnan’s pic first as he is the birthday boy today :). How cool is this technology. Am thrilled. I feel a little more smarter as well. I wonder how many such things exist out there that make life simpler but we just don’t know about them. For now am having fun with the Nikon wifi connection. New learnings everyday !

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