Modi-Hatred Vs Dynasty-Love

I wouldn’t have posted this excerpt from Khushwant Singh’s autobiography if a rabid Modi-hater had not posted this on Twitter yesterday –

I wonder what his mother thinks of him !!! Say what you want to about Modi, he is a public figure and a politician so he has to deal with it, but why bring his mother into this ? And for every Modi-hater, millions love him.

For all those who blindly eulogize the Nehru dynasty – here is an excerpt from Khushwant Singh’s autobiography that should gladden your hearts.

“……….. The next morning when I reached the office I saw a note from Menon lying on my table asking me to see him immediately. I took a quick glance at the headlines of the papers to see if anything had gone wrong. The Daily Herald carried a large photograph of Nehru with Lady Mountbatten in her négligé opening the door for him. The caption read ‘Lady Mountbatten’s Midnight Visitor’. It also informed its readers that Lord Mountbatten was not in London. Our P.M.’ s liaison with Lady Edwina had assumed scandalous proportions.

The Herald’s photographer had taken the chance of catching them, if not in flagrante delicto, at least in preparation for it. He had got his scoop.

When I went up to see Menon he barked at me, ‘Have you seen The Herald? The Prime Minister is furious with you.’ ‘I had nothing to do with it,’ I pleaded. ‘How was I to know that instead of going to his hotel Panditji would go to the Mountbatten’s home?’ ‘Anyway, he is very angry. You better keep out of his way for a day or two.’..…. ”

This was our great Mr. Nehru, the first PM of India and the last Englishman that the colonial powers left behind.

The dynasty’s beneficiaries will immediately defend Mr. Nehru’s dalliances by saying, they didn’t impact his work as PM but they did !!! Yeah many politicians are skirt-chasers but is it right ? Honey trap anyone ? And yes they will also speak of NaMo’s gaffes. Remember, NaMo wasn’t born with a silver spoon to a father who got his dhoti laundered in England. And what the West does is not always right.

Anyway, I find this blind Modi-hatred just as stupid and dangerous as the dynasty-love. While I understand our individual experiences color our perception of reality, this refusal to look at facts is alarming. Narendra Modi is by far the best Prime Minister we have had since 1947. He has raised India’s image in every platform and there is genuine work done on ground to improve our country. Many of his decisions have been blockbusters and some of his decisions have been disasters – but the sum total is a enormously positive. All this without lining his pockets, without becoming richer than the Queen of England, without his kith and kin getting plum posts and under constant microscopic scrutiny.

We are traveling in U.P and the difference is palpable. Yes, Akhilesh Yadav has also done good work, but the “pahal” Yojana which brought the LPG gas cylinders to crores of poor people in a life altering scheme of NaMo. Why didn’t the “garibi hatao” sloganeers of the dynasty do this simple thing ?? We passed through Rae Bareilly yesterday and except for a Domino’s pizza outlet and a church there is hardly any development that the richest daughter-in-law of the dynasty has brought about.

Hate Modi to your heart’s content, but also look at facts …. but this is too much to ask of the dynasty’s beneficiaries who have been hit hard. Did you know that a subject of the dynasty, a low level Harvard educated minister allegedly stashed away $3 billion overseas and forgot to mention it in his Income Tax returns ? Wonderful dynasty !

I would rather be a Modi-bhakt than a dynasty-beneficiary, any day.

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