“Time क्या हुआ ?”

I am wondering if it is a colonial hangover or does it predate the British rule ? Folks in rural India and many of the recently migrated folk in the city will ask you what the it is when they see you wearing a watch. With the cellphones becoming an extension of the human body, this habit has dwindled. I was reminded of this quirky Indian habit today in the morning as we went for our morning walk. A lady sitting by the roadside asked Krishnan the time because he wears a watch. Mom and I don’t :). I wanted to record it because soon this quirk will be lost completely.

The place around the hotel has a nice long walking area. We walked into the “Indira Gandhi Pratishtan” that’s across the road. Massive structure with a nice walking path. It seems there was a wedding held there last night and yeah the food wastage caught my eye.

The garbage was getting cleared, but why create such a disorderly mess and we need to learn not to waste food. Weddings, buffet dinners or even at office parties, people take more than they can eat and waste food. Maybe we need a government diktat for this too :(.

On the way back we entered another small park. Very cleanly maintained. A group of exercisers closed their routine with “Bharat Mata ki Jai” which felt great.

Nice start to the day …. looking forward to our meetings today. Have a nice day people.

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