Hypocrisy and Outrage – strange bedfellows

In the last few weeks outrage has naturally occurred, embellished for an encore and many times manufactured. I am talking of the brutal rapes that have been reported, some immediately and some after several months. Anyone who hears about a child getting raped, is naturally outraged. Its the vilest cruellest thing that any human being can do…. and I cant bear to even write about this. I say child because both little boys and little girls get raped.

After the natural outrage, the social/religious/political embellishments start. If the rapist belongs to a certain religion, then the entire population that follows the religion is given the “rapist” tag. If the rapist belongs to a certain other religion, then rapists don’t have a religion. If the rapist belongs to yet another religion, then the rapist can try for a pardon from another country. The encore of an outrage is a cacophony of lies, economics and power.

Then the manufacturers get in. They rope in stars who hold placards and express their vaginal/breastfelt/heartfelt or any other body-part-felt outrage. These placard waving stars are changed according to their movie releases, so you can never point out to a certain star and say, they support a given cause. Most of them actually don’t support any cause, except their own self-serving cause of making money and being famous.  They sleep with outrage and hypocrisy both, in order to earn money and fame. A couple of months back India Today channel held their south conclave where Rajdeep Sardesai was interviewing Khushboo, Gautami and Tapsee in the wake of the “Padmavat” row. While the “Padmavat” row was a manufactured outrage from start to finish and it served its purpose beautifully is a different topic of discussion, what was interesting is all three beautiful stars said they have never been groped, propositioned or had faced the casting couch. Ouch !!

All three stunningly beautiful, talented women signed the “Me Too” campaign merely to show solidarity but never were subjects of harassment … I was naturally outraged. I never signed up for the “Me Too” campaign because all these social media triggered campaigns do as much for women empowerment as breast implants do for men’s beauty. But ask me and I will tell you there is no girl anywhere on Earth who hasn’t been subjected to some form of sexual harassment and I am no different. From men speaking to my breasts, to “uncles” trying to grope, to some other “uncles” trying to flash and fondle, to roadside Romeos whistling and hitting on me as I walk down some road in any city – I have faced it all. Has it stopped once I got older ? Yes. But even today in crowded places, I ask Krishnan to be behind me because my coloured hair doesn’t give away my age and for some b@#$a%ds age doesn’t matter.

Anyway, my point is these three ladies summoned all their acting talent and tried to convince everyone that they were “lucky” and had not faced any sexual harassment. I am genuinely fond of all three of them, especially Khushboo and Gautami are my favourites, but this was pure unadulterated hypocrisy. The same kind of hypocrisy is shown now when you have a bunch of people asking for the rapists to be hung to death and when the government brings an ordinance to do the same, they don’t want it. One “yugpurush” CM allegedly gave a sewing machine to the juvenile rapist of Nirbhaya so that he could become a ladies tailor…. I am outraged at the hypocrisy !!

For all those waxing eloquently about human rights and how death penalty is barbaric – raping a child is worse than barbaric. Even wild animals don’t screw their young. Until and unless there is naming and shaming of rapists, and they are preferably stoned to death, there is no powerful deterrent. No one can bring back the childhood lost to rape. Things being shoved up a child’s anus, young boys being repeatedly raped, is this human behaviour ? its beastly, barbaric and the perpetrator has to have the same treatment meted out to “it” so other beasts like “it” don’t even think about doing something similar. That is safeguarding human rights. Not doing it will simply embolden the perps like it is right now.

Its also high time that we stop watching our girls and start watching and monitoring our boys. The only Prime Minister to say this is Narendra Modi but no one wants to remember that. He is right – every rapist is born to a woman, and once you fix the upbringing of boys, you nip the problem in the bud. Teach your son to treat his mother, his sister and his friends who are girls with respect and as equals. Monitor his movements and question his actions. Till then, stone the rapists and ideally castrate them publicly.

And I am being humane …..


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