Changing colours :):)

We are getting our house painted after 15 years … I have a huge problem with painting because it meant scraping off the existing paint from the walls and neither the scraping sound works for me nor does the dust. So we kept putting it off but our house started looking dated. With seepage, hanging of pictures and changing other stuff over the years, a paint job was overdue.

I registered a request on the Asian Paints website and their representative came over. To evaluate the total roof and wall space, he used a cute torch like device that calculated the space to be painted. He then gave us a quote, we negotiated a bit and the deal was done. Paid online. Life has indeed become easy.

There was a bit of a rough start as the rep promised the work will start on April 1st but nobody came till 11… I complained and then got a silly message from the rep saying the guards won’t allow work to start on a Sunday. Sweet. He got a dose of customer handling techniques when he waltzed in on Monday after which he hasn’t come back. It’s unfortunate that he started off on the wrong foot because the contractor and the painting crew are really good people.

Mom’s room and our bedroom is done and they look like new rooms. Work has started in the kitchen. Here are some pictures of the painting-job-in-progress.

The accent wall in Mom’s room. It’s olive green as green is Amma’s favourite color.

The rest of the walls in Amma’s room are painted in Mustard.

The accent wall in our room is Pink silk.

The rest of the walls are painted in teal.

Our makeshift kitchen 😀. Induction stove and a folding dining table help.

Water water water …. lots of it. And some more stuff from the kitchen.

Our travel boxes come in handy to keep some of the provisions. And don’t miss the tea cups and onions being used as decor elements.

The portable “Pure-it” water filter to keep us going for the next couple of days.

Am certainly trying hard not to be stressed out with all the dust and cleaning work. When the walls are done, all the trouble seems worth it.

Stay tuned for the Kitchen and Living Room makeovers.

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