Ah the full Moon !!

Like many people I am charmed by the full moon … I have written poetry about the full moon, I have spent many nights as a young girl, just watching the moon from my window. I didn’t know today was a full moon night. Krishnan and I just stepped out for a leisurely walk and as we turned a block there was the enchanting golden full moon. I just had my iPhone 5S with me and the first few pictures were not so great. Finally we moved to another block and I managed to get a couple of shots without the bright street lamps interfering.

The first attempt with several other competing lights.

The second attempt from a different block… but the two powerful lights still interfere

The best shot of the day .. no other light is interfering. Enchanting right ?
I attempted to darken the surrounding area and took one more picture

Enjoy the beautiful moon .. forget the pictures, just go out and look up at the sky. In the cities you cant find the stars with all the smog but the moon is out there, bright, golden and magical. Now I will start tracking the full moon calendar :).


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