Political Ponderings

Anti-incumbency ? Anti-Model?

In Himachal Pradesh CONgress lost because there is anti-incumbency after just 5 years of rule … but in Gujarat BJP’s model for the past 22 years has failed. How sweet. Again, that permanently-in-pain Sanjay Jha is talking of BJP’s hubris … and the Gandhi dynasty has been the paragon of humility ?? Maybe he should check with Pidi before spouting off.

My dear Rajdeep, ohhh hold, PIP Sanjay Jha says CON not blaming EVMs !!! Looks like he just took a puff of a spiced “havana”….

Ok, back to Rajdeep – deep emotional pain hurts physically. My condolences that your happiness was so short lived. A suggestion to ease your pain – If you learn to let go of your deep hatred for Mr. Modi, you will feel better instantly. You have made enough money with CON-pidi, “acche din” aren’t coming back for you buddy. Time to reflect ?

105 BJP 75 CON-pidi …. Jai Ho.


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