The “Naga” shawl

The first time we learnt about the “Naga” shawl was when dad went to Zakhama on temporary duty and bought a woven multicoloured shawl for mom. This was in 1982. Then I visited Zakhama when Geetu and Harish were posted there in 2004 to surprise Geetu on her birthday.

When I was leaving Harish got me this shawl and I take it out every winter to enjoy its warmth and to remember that special birthday of Geetu’s. Today I wore this golden yellow Kanchi silk sari. The sari too is a gift from the team that I was a part of in Spectramind when I got promoted. They had got me a different yellow and smartly kept the bill so that I could exchange it for a different one in case I wanted to. I did want a different colour so DD and I went to Nalli’s at South Extn and the minute the person at the shop pulled this one out, I was sold. This was 15 years back and I didn’t know anything about handloom then, but got lucky with this one as it is handwoven. The Pallu is machine done thread work, but the sari itself is handwoven.

I love this colour and the sari drapes like a Kanchivaram does !! The neck piece is from Desh Maheshwari, Noida. Picture credits to Krishnan. This pic has been taken in the evening after I have spent the whole day in the sari…. Just love the sheen of the Kanchivaram silk.

Here’s a picture from my trip to Zakhama in 2004.

The little girl in the red sweater is married now and I am wearing Krishnan’s sweater :):).

Will soon post more pictures from that trip and also the multicolour Naga shawl that dad bought in 1982. Till then read about the Naga shawls here – Naga shawls – 16 tribes .

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