A story for Delhi’s “Yugpurush” CM

Yesterday while eating breakfast, our friend Subbu who was visiting with us, shared a really nice story and I wish to share it with Kejruddin aka Kejriwal, the smug “yugpurush” CM of SmogeDelhi.

A learned King ruled over a vast Kingdom that had a mighty river flowing . The Kingdom was prosperous and the King was just. He didn’t have any children so as he was nearing his end he came up with an idea of giving his Kingdom away to a commoner. He had a simple condition that had to be fulfilled by any commoner who wanted to be King. Anyone could become the King so long as he was ready to die at the end of five years of being the ruler. So, anyone who became King after him, would rule for five years and then be dropped off at the other end of the mighty river where the forest had dangerous animals which would devour him. For many days no commoner came forward, but soon enough, one person came forward and became King as soon as the current King died.

This commoner ruled for five years and then he was taken by boat to the other end of the river and dropped off. Soon enough the animals ate him up. Another commoner became King and the practice continued. At the end of every five years, the incumbent King would be heart broken and tearful as he made his last journey. Finally there came a King who asked the ferryman two days before his impending last journey to show the boat that would take him across. The ferryman pointed out a nearly worn out boat and said that’s the boat I will use for your last journey. The King tells him to immediately find a better boat, deck the boat with flowers and lights and the King seemed to be almost looking forward to his last journey.

The ferryman was very curious… he asked the King, “Your Highness, I have been ferrying all the Kings before you on their last journey and every one of them has been crying and was really heartbroken, as they knew they were going to their death. You seem to be almost thrilled to be making the last journey, why?”. The King said, “Ferryman, I am not going to die. I am becoming the King of the land on the other side of this river two days later. In my first year of ruling this Kingdom, I sent our best hunstmen to kill all the dangerous animals. In the second year, I sent our builders and carpenters to clear enough land to create a settlement. In the third year, I got the Palace built. In the fourth year, I got houses and shops built and got some of the builders and carpenters to setup their homes there. Slowly in the fifth year, the entire Kingdom has been populated and two days later, I will land there as their King.”

Let me ask the CM of Delhi – what’s the moral of the story? Before he or anyone picks holes in it about killing animals and forcibly settling a new Kingdom, because its just a story to bring home a learning. Since the CM has breathed in the wonderfully polluted air of his city, and his brain maybe temporarily out of service, I will help with the moral of the story – planning helps you evade problems. Success needs planning. IF YOU FAIL TO PLAN, YOU PLAN TO FAIL. 

The CM of Delhi failed to plan for the expected smog since he was busy finding fault with everyone else except himself. Where are the promised buses? Why didn’t he reach out to the Punjab and Haryana farmers three months back and find a solution to not burn the crop stalks? Why couldn’t he run a people’s movement to make Delhi plastic-free? Why couldn’t he bring in trees, shrubs and plants and put them all over the city ? All trees and plants help in absorbing dangerous chemicals in the air, release oxygen during the day and help in keeping the air fresh. Not one of these steps needed any help from ANYONE, except himself.

Now the entire city of Delhi and its 20 million+ population are coughing like their Odd CM because of their Odd CM who only wants to get Even with his opponents …. :(:(.

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