Mr.Spineless Sardesai, Greatness inspires Greatness

He quit school at the young age of 15 because his hero asked him to…. He was jailed because he indulged in anti-government picketing and demonstrations and then let off when they realised he was a minor …. he was again imprisoned for 2.5 years without curtains of his choice at the age of 26 for participating in his hero’s agitation…then again he was imprisoned for a year, two years, four years. A total of nine years of his youth was spent behind bars, just because he followed his hero. Then his hero died.

He followed another hero from the same movement … and for the next twenty years supported this hero’s movement that was legitimate… and then when that hero died too .. he became the head of the movement. He was already a hero, but never realised it. He could quell agitations with just a request… he could urge people to go hungry to help the hungrier… he prematurely aged because of all the strife and the constant jailing, but his spine was forged of steel. No aging or rusting there. He had a short 1.5 year as the leader of the movement before dying mysteriously at the age of 61…

Guess who this hero was ? You can’t? Well hopefully now you can with this clue – His most celebrated slogan was “Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan” (“Hail the soldier, hail the farmer”). If you still can’t figure out that this hero was Lal Bahadur Shastri and you are an Indian, shame on you. On 9th June 1964, a poor regular citizen became the Prime Minister of this country and then we had to wait for 50 years before it happened again in 2014.

Why am I remembering Lal Bahadur Shastri today? Because I read a tweet from a spineless man about how we need to remember that tomorrow was the birthday of a great man who was killed by forces of hate and violence.

Mr. Spineless, you and your ilk have more venom in your words than even the bullet of Nathuram Godse did that took the Mahatma’s life. Your sly references to RSS and Hindutva in a desperate attempt to stay relevant is pure drivel. Your forefathers are from Maharashtra, the land of Veer Savarkar, the original Hindutva man. And yes he was also implicated in the assassination of the Mahatma but it didn’t stick.

Mr. Spineless, have you or your equally spineless wife or your hate mongering clique visited the cellular jail in Andamans? I doubt it because then your fingers would refuse to type the words you typed above. Veer Savarkar was incarcerated in the cellular jail – in solitary confinement like all the other prisoners but his cell had an additional layer of security. Do you know why? Please find out and please attend the audio-visual show that happens at the Cellular Jail in the evening. Veer Savarkar and thousands of revolutionaries were incarcerated there by the British and paid with their lives for the freedom of this country. Veer Savarkar spent 11 years – try spending 11 minutes alone in his cell. You will need the earthen shit pot that the jailors would hand out every evening at 6 pm to the prisoners and probably a barf bag that modern airlines have in their seat pockets. Now here’s the dampner to your twisted theories on Hindutva. Savarkar was an atheist not a pseudo spineless secular like you. He would have welcome the uniform civil code unlike you and your paymasters.

Nathuram Godse didn’t hate the Mahatma – he hated his agreeing to the partition of India and favouring the Muslims over the Hindus. What he did was unpardonable but he wasn’t spewing hate and violence and neither was RSS.

Now, lets talk of Lal Bahadur Shastri – the man who shared Gandhiji’s birthday and whose birthday we don’t celebrate at all. Why? Greatness inspires greatness – Gandhiji was truly a Mahatma, who inspired many other great people. Is the Gandhi-Inspired Matiba less greater for South Africa? For the past 50 years, your friends, your mentors and paymasters have conveniently made it look as though Gandhiji and Nehru ji wrested India’s Independence from the Brits all by themselves. It was like they were playing a doubles match with no support staff. 

Countless nameless people paid with their lives for the Mahatma to become the Mahatma. Am sure you wouldn’t want to acknowledge the fact that Chacha Nehru was put in jail by the Brits but the curtains were of his favourite color, food was from his home …. yeah such a tough life behind bars! Compare that to Savarkar’s 11 years in solitary confinement and back breaking labour at “Kaala Paani” or even 9 years that Shastri spent in jail during the Independence movement.

Also please remember – the Mahatma is genuinely a great soul because neither he nor his descendants benefitted from the independence movement. There is no argument and no denial of his greatness and relevance to the world. But the man who was his second-in-command…. Pandit Nehru. There is much to be worried about his legacy, especially when his grand-daughter-in-law is richer than the Queen of England and his family members have been de-facto the ruling elite of this country for 60 years and the twit of a great-grandson is being foisted on the nation even now. Worry about that Mr. Spineless and use your remaining tweets to help twist the twit’s tryst with his destiny.

Tomorrow happens to be the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi and Lal Bahadur Shastri – the hero and his admirer, both patriots, both lived and breathed India’s independence and growth as a nation, both great role models for every human generation anywhere in the world. Period. Celebrate both and Mr. Spineless, as you butter your English Toast tomorrow morning with Amul butter, remember it was Shastri who asked Kurien to setup the AMUL cooperative.. and stop spreading hate and violence.

Jai Hind. Jai Jawan. Jai Kisan.

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  1. Salute to all the freedom fighters for making us free which unfortunately we take it for granted because this generation has no clue of the pain and suffering they went through to get us here… Jai Hind


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