The Mango boys are back!

We met them first in 2013 when we were in Bangalore and since then, they have become fast friends of ours. Every year when the Mango season begins, and they setup their stall, I get a call from them asking me when we are coming over. Read about them here – The Mango people. We never managed to go back and buy mangoes from them till three years later. Last year we met them again, in June on our way to Munnar. We were staying with Arun and Vidya for a night and we managed to meet them and buy mangoes.

From the left – its Madan, Ilayaraja and Vijay with me and Amma.
Krishnan’s selfie with the Mangoes for a backdrop !!

Last year when we met them, we were able to talk a lot more about what they intended to do. Madan (youngest) has completed his Medical technician program, Ilayaraja (eldest) has completed his engineering and Vijay (middle brother) has completed his hotel management course. Their sister was studying to be a nurse and we tried to get her some help from our partner Udavum Ullangal.

This year, I got a call from Vijay two weeks back that their Mango stall was up and functional at Bangalore for this season. Then two days back I spoke to Ilayaraja and we agreed on his couriering the mangoes to Chennai. Got the Mangoes yesterday from KPN transport’s office in T.Nagar and started this Mango season with a Himayat and a Malgoa ! Absolute bliss.

Now, a few things have to be said about this level of customer service. Ilayaraja wanted us to taste the Mangoes and then pay for them. He found out a simple way of sending the Mangoes overnight by the KPN bus from Bangalore and he has sent a few of each variety.  I refused to give him the address to deliver till he gave me his bank account details otherwise they would not have even taken money. Well, Vijay’s daughter has been named after me … and I am overwhelmed. They took my permission to name her as Bindu and I am waiting to meet my namesake. These young men treat not just us, but all their customers so well that they have won awards for their Mango stall two years in a row… This is what outstanding customer service looks like, but remember it cannot be taught in any school. These young men have the service mindset and a great attitude – neither of which can be taught. We can only help them sharpen their service even further.

I know its not just customer service for them – they think of Krishnan and I as friends and mentors and we are inordinately fond of them. So I guess our special treatment will remain very special… and for us, these young men represent the best of India.

Now for the rest of the Mango season, we are all set, thanks to Ilayaraja, Vijay and Madan and as always we wish them a bumper season. God bless.

Friends in Bangalore – don’t miss meeting them and buying Mangoes from them. 

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