Book Review – I am pilgrim

A couple of weeks back, with viral fever, a persistent cough and a “sticky” hot Chennai weather that I don’t like, I needed something to distract my attention. The only thing that works for me is a good fiction book. So I went to the online Kindle store and was suggested this book called “I am pilgrim” written by Terry Hayes. I read some of the reviews and decided to buy it. Am glad that I did buy the book …. it is 700+ pages of unadulterated “fiction” joy. Terry Hayes should take a bow. This is a very well written book.

The plot has several sub-plots and the main protagonist travels across the world. For me it was really nice to read about many of the places that Krishnan and I have visited. There is action in Turkey which is amongst our favourite destinations! It takes some effort to remember all the strands, but a “perfect murder” in New York, helps unravel a big terror plot and you really can’t guess all the connections right till the end. Some amazing statements that I underlined –

“sit down to a banquet of consequences”; “love wasn’t weak, love was strong”; “your weight is your heart”; “loneliness was a razor that cut a heart to shreds”; “if you want to be free all you have to do is let go”;

Terry Hayes is a script writer for the movies and there is enough drama in this book… the hero is nothing short of a superhero, he doesn’t die even under the worst of circumstances and the climax is almost like a movie scene… but its still believable and written beautifully. This is definitely a recommended read for fiction lovers.


For those who still remember my opening statement and are concerned about my fever and cough – am completely out of both and fighting fit.

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