Don’t Oppose cooking – Do OPOS cooking !

In Oct when we were at Hyderabad, Nisha came home to meet. We were making “bhindi” (okra) for lunch that day and suddenly Nisha asked Mom if she could make it …. Now, a few things that you should know about Nisha. Nisha is the daughter I would have had if I wanted to have a child, I absolutely love her and I probably know her better than many other of her friends. None of her attempts at hoodwinking me work, much to her dismay :). Nisha is genuinely talented, very creative and an absolutely fabulous person BUT her mantra for cooking has been “fill it, shut it, forget it”. Basically, she didn’t want anything to do with cooking and most of the stuff she made was experimental …. things turned out to be different from what they generally looked and tasted like.

So, imagine my amusement when she asked if she could make the bhindi in a new way. She took the 3.5 Litre pressure cooker that we had (we didn’t have the 2 Lit cooker then), and said we had to layer the food to be cooked, oil and water in the base, then the cut bhindi and the top layer with masala and salt. She then put the lid on with the pressure plug and put the whole thing on the gas on high flame. She kept timing herself and in about four minutes there was a whistle and she released the pressure and opened the pressure cooker. Well, I was sure we would have a sticky mess inside the pressure cooker since bhindi anyway turns gooey if you add water. I was in for a surprise ! The bhindi was perfectly cooked while still looking green. Thats when Nisha told me about OPOS – One Pot One Shot cooking methodology that has been developed by Ramki. I was very impressed. She soon taught me the basics and shared a manual of sorts with me. I also suddenly understood Raji’s (Nisha’s mom) posts on FB about OPOS. For a long time I thought Raji probably was mis-spelling something :). She is an awesome cook, so it never occurred to me that she was learning to cook using a different method.

I started to experiment on my own and the best part is – everything gets done so quickly and tastes so fresh and yummmm. I have made several new dishes since I got introduced to OPOS – Veg Stew, Brinji, Navratan Korma, Bhappa Doi, Mac & cheese, Semiya upma, Palak Paneer, Yennai katrikai, Aviyal, and Poondu (garlic) kozhambu. While I have made palak paneer, Yennai Katrikai and Aviyal before, nothing beats making them the OPOS way, because they don’t get overdone. I have made a few mistakes, the dessert “double ka meetha” got burnt 🙂 since I didn’t follow the instructions exactly and it took me a few tries to get the timing right. I do have a 2 litre cooker which I am still to calibrate on the induction stove because the stove doesn’t have the setting for 600 W and 1200 W, but for 700 W and 1100 W. But I have got the hang of the process and there’s hardly any food getting burnt now. Now, the only discussion at home with Mom is whether I am making breakfast/lunch in my “new” method or is she going to make it her way.

I want to thank Ramki for developing this innovative way of cooking – buddy, you got me in the fourth page of your manual – “OPOS is a cooking technique designed to unchain you from the kitchen, cut drudgery and empower anyone to cook confidently”. I don’t enjoy cooking if its a drudgery. I cook everyday but I had  limited myself to just a few things that didn’t take too long. Since we don’t like to eat out everyday, but wanted to eat a variety of food, OPOS is a God sent ! I hope to attend your classes sometime when we are in Chennai, especially my husband as he wants to start cooking.

All folks who want to eat home cooked exotic food made in minutes – check out the OPOS cooking method. The OPOS method has been developed by Ramki and he owns the rights to it. So do not use the term, if you haven’t cooked according to his recipe.

Thank You Ramki and the OPOS method… suddenly I seem to be a better cook than I was :).

Note – The OPOS Cookbook – 5 minute magic is now available on Amazon.

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