Many firsts on this birthday !

Overwhelmed is a small word for what I feel today. The wishes have been literally pouring in like the rain in the morning and it feels really nice :). There were several firsts today starting with the first animation movie of our lives.

We watched “Kung Fu Panda 3” at the DLF Mega Mall. I listened to Ayesha’s advise that its not a “kiddies” movie but has many messages that make sense to adults. Krishnan and I thought it was a short management lesson in the form of a movie. Amazing 3D technology and we are truly hooked. Please share your ideas on the must watch animation pictures and we will certainly watch them. It does look like we have missed a whole genre of awesome movies ! and yes do watch Kung Fu Panda 3 with your teams, it has a dose of leadership and team lessons.

My birthday sari is one that we bought at RmKV Bangalore a couple of years back and I hadn’t worn it yet. Yes, you can’t stop me from buying black … this is a soft Kanchipuram silk sari with the temple border in a  new age variation. The rust coloured lines that make the temple design are of Jute silk and the sari feels really light and airy even in 40 deg heat. The neckpiece is from Desh Maheshwari and is made of black onyx stones.

bday sari 1

bday sari 2

Krishnan always has some surprise lined up and this time it was a photo cake … a first for us. We have never known that such cakes could be made. But, Latha Jayanth is an awesome baker – please look her up on Facebook under Kukie’s Nest, the link is Kukie’s nest. Latha and Jayanth are very dear friends and Latha is truly a magician with baking. So Krishnan did his longest WhatsApp chat to get this cake made. Here’s the pic of the photo cake –


Now the challenge is to eat it :). Its so true to life. But eat it we will… Latha, you outdid yourself. There are rave reviews for this cake from all my friends so expect many orders.

Lunch ? That was predictable – Bikanerwala delivers in Gurgaon now, so we had good things to eat and Jalebi to top it off. I won’t miss eating Jalebi on my birthday and making Vidya’s mouth water with all the dishes we were eating was just an added bonus. I am innocent here, she called exactly when we were ordering … so couldn’t help telling her.

The other first today was knowing that one of my favourite cousin’s, Kokka, actually knows how to cook and he has managed to convince his daughters that he is a better cook than his wife !! Hey, I have known Kokka for all my life, he was sitting outside with Ranga when mom delivered me 47 years back and this came as a real surprise. Well, never assume :).

Loads of fun and just a really nice day of celebration. Happy me. Anu, happy birthday to you too – the only person to whom I can say “wish you the same” today.

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  1. Super!!!!!!!!!

    Happy, happy, happy to you! All the Kung Fu Panda movies are brilliant – watch them from start to end – 3 was actually the weakest so you can imagine how good the others are! Must, must watch How to Train Your Dragon – 1 and 2 – another brilliant set. And must watch Big Hero 6 and Up – incredibly sophisticated story lines and visuals

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  2. Happy, happy birthday, and many happier returns. I was staring at your sari and thinking how hard it is to get silk fabric here. Neither local sewing shop carries silk. I would have to order a whole bolt to get enough for a silk cover for all my feathers. (These are recycled from an old sleeping bag and the silk quilt my grandmother had when I was a baby. No chicken feathers, so far.) I only need one comforter.

    My favorite colors are dark in the green/blue/violet spectrum, and weave would have to be heavy and tight enough to keep feathers from escaping.

    Could I find a direct supplier from India? We can work together to supply items as needed. (Demand-side economics.) What do Americans have that India wants, other than dubious technology? Thus might free market capitalists like me soar above the customs agents.

    KO! Economic Hit Woman
    an alter ego of

    • Thanks a lot Katharine. Am sure a number of online stores do deliver to the US. Let me find a few that do that and share their details. If it’s not a lot of cloth that you need then I can send it over with any friend who is visiting the US. Inbox me at with what you are looking for and I’ll find a way to get it to you :). Silk of all kinds is available in plenty in India. So no worries on that score.

      • I like your taste, and I’m really just experimenting with the idea of forming partnerships individually to work on one project at a time. For instance, I would want someone at your end to guarantee cloth quality before it’s shipped. Right color, weave, and thickness, for instance. That’s why on-line stores will never completely replace brick-and-mortar. How many saris do you buy on-line?

  3. Many happy Returns of the Day Mrs. Bindu Krishnan. Be lessed.

    An Admirer and avid reader of your blog .

    Col Rajaraman

  4. Once again happy birthday Bindu. Wish you happiness and good health… Keep inspiring.

    If you only do that you can do. You will never be more than what you are now. These were the lines what I liked in this movie. Your bloges are as inspirational as these movies!


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