Midweek – plan ahead

Wednesday sits right in the middle of the work week…. Make use of its unique position and plan for the next week today. No, it’s not too early. 

It’s very important to remember that you can’t achieve the annual goals on the day before your appraisal. It’s equally important that your team members have a great appraisal. Both these require dedicated hours spent every day. Break your annual goals down to monthly and weekly goals. Review weekly so that you have time to catch up in case of over runs or delayed starts. 

Many organizations go through their appraisal cycle around this period. Please spend time with your team member every single month for a formal sit-down one-on-one conversation. There are no shortcuts to team management. Review your team member’s goals, pat on the back for things that were done well, provide constructive feedback immediately and help them to learn new skills constantly. The rating that a team member should never come as a surprise to them – if it does, the manager is at fault !!

Use the middle day of the week to look at the next week’s calendar and plan ahead. Look at meetings that you must attend, those that are just clogging your calendar and if it’s appraisal time, then get the 11 one-on-one notes from the past 11 months of the year and prepare for your conversation. 

Like someone said – if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. So don’t fail to plan. 

Start reviewing your next week plans. 

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