My concert saris – 2 :)

We attended nearly 12 concerts as part of the Chennai December music season and this has got us hooked. We certainly hope to come back every year during the music season to hear some truly great musicians and some budding greats. I also realised that its the sari season and I enjoyed watching the many beautiful saris that many women wore. I have to do a special callout for the really old women who are frail and walk with some assistance but have an awesome sense of color and were beautifully turned out in stunning saris. Hopefully next year I will photograph some of them 🙂

I wore this sari to U. Rajesh’s concert, the very first concert that we attended in this season. This was bought at Kumaran stores in T.Nagar some 6 years back. Its one of Krishnan’s favourite and he had insisted that I buy it. The neckpiece is from Desh Maheshwari and interestingly was bought just before Renuka, Neeti and I were about to attend a client meeting in Noida :). I was wearing a different sari and didn’t have the matching neckpiece when I saw this and just bought it.

This sari I wore to Dr. L Subramaniam’s concert on Dec 28th. This is a Benarasi silk that I bought at Valkalam saris in Varanasi. I just love the colour and the intricate embroidery … look at the classy work done on this sari and compare with what passes off for “bling” these days. Infact I watched many women in Chennai wearing a beautiful Kanchivaram silk sari with a really bad “bling” job. Oil and water don’t mix, similarly, trashy bling does not mix with classy silk. This is the sari that I wore to Vikesh’s wedding so very special memories attached to it.

This sari is another Benarasi from Valkalam saris. Its a pastel purple with golden flowers all over and straight lines in the body. I just enjoy wearing this sari on every occasion I get. Wore this to two concerts, most recent was to Shashank’s flute recital. Its comfortable and not very grand, but very beautiful. I had first worn this for my 2013 birthday.

This is a Kanchivaram silk sari that we bought at RmKv, Bangalore. The temple borders are in different colours and the main sari of course is in beautiful fuchsia pink (?). Wore this one on Jan 1st, 2016 for Vishakha Hari’s concert. This is the new light silk that is not very heavy and can be used for everyday wear. Don’t miss the purple watch 🙂 I have almost given up wearing watches because I never look at it, but I like this particular one from Swatch.

I have a couple more saris that I wore to the concerts. Will post them as another separate blog.

Tell me again… why would women in India wear anything except a sari ? 🙂 ok, thats a sari addict’s rhetoric question. Hahahaha.

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