“Goonj” Namma Chennaiyil

Today started off well with a long walk at the Marina beach and then awesome breakfast at Gnanambiga’s canteen at Narada Gana Sabha as we came to pick up the tickets for Visakha Hari’s concert tomorrow. From Narada Gana Sabha we went to Goonj’s warehouse in Chennai on OMR…. I wrote this statement in a minute but it took us an hour to reach courtesy “Amma” fever. The revolutionary leader (pun intended) smiled at us from huge posters all along the way and ended up overwhelming us with her omniscience !! Doesn’t it make one feel really small inside when sycophants put up these huge posters and attribute everything to you, when you haven’t really done anything much ? I would cringe but I am a Mango woman so what do I know about great revolutionary leaders ???

These huge posters  line the roads on either side and every lamp post has another poster ! Maanga Madayas like us be damned. The revolutionary leader has to feel good. 

Look at that beatific smile ! Doesn’t she look wonderful ? Revolutions be damned, only the TamilNadu revolutionary leader matters in the world. You are getting late for work ? Who asked you to work today ? The one day in the year that the revolutionary leader is physically present for meeting her adoring party members – and you choose that day to work ? You are the one who is wrong.

Anyway, may the work of Goonj be heard loud and clear because they won’t ever have these huge posters, Anshu can never compete with “Amma”‘s beatific smile leave alone her resources, but he is truly the revolutionary who has revolutionised the “used” stuff that can be reused still. The man doesn’t even get his toothache fixed !! 

Here are a few pictures from the warehouse. The clothes are getting sorted, people’s lives are getting sorted and the true rehabilitation of the flood victims is underway… Away from the cameras. The cameras are busy capturing the live presence of “Amma” to focus on anything else. Organisations with large employee bases, please come forward and send volunteers to help Goonj. It’s an opportunity to do something positive. 


The sorting of clothes and other items

The Goonj kit – Sari, pant, shirt, sanitary pads, blanket, soap and a few other essentials
A happy volunteer to whom I mistakenly spoke in Hindi 🙂

Mom and Anshu … just earlier in the day, mom took a picture with me and didnt smile. look at that beaming smile for Anshu

Arushi and Jigisha are the super team of Goonj in Chennai and they will have daily calls from tomorrow to check if they have eaten something … Not from me, but from Amma (my real mom) :):). 

Great way to let 2015 go and welcome 2016. Jai Ho.      

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