Disturbed Ramblings

Not drunk, Not driving…

Not eating, Not smoking, 

Not married, Not virgin, 

Not fat, Not thin, Not fit, 

Not actor, Not Role model, Not model, 

Not unloved, Not unliked, Not unlikely,

Not present, Not absent, 

Not dead, Not alive,

Not young, Not old,

Not handsome, Not ugly,

Not billionaire, Not pauper,

Not sold, Not bought,

Not acrimonious, Not sanctimonious,

Not special, Not ordinary,

Not just, not unjust,

Not influenced, Not influencing,

Not crying, Not laughing,

Not day, Not night, Not evening,

Not witness, Not accused,

Not cursed, Not blessed,

Not friend, Not enemy, Not lover, Not jilted,

Not indifferent, Not attentive,

Not drunk, Not driving, Not guilty, Not innocent, Not being, Not non-being, Not human, Not inhuman, Not hero, Not zero, Not God, Not demon… Not anyone… JUST SALMAN !! 

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