To the centre of my universe … Happy birthday

25 Years back on May 13th you told me that you can’t make it to Vizag for your birthday because the cyclone had ensured that no trains were going and no flights even. The Vizag airport was under several feet of water. I started to cry on the phone and the front office Counselor at NIIT, Vizag took the phone from me and told you, “VG, please come somehow, Bindu is crying”. On May 15th, I had just finished a class and someone told me that somebody had come to meet me and I looked out of the door and saw you !!!

Nothing has ever made me happier than that moment …. And what you went through to make it there. Today is also the 25th anniversary of that moment. In every way, that moment defined our relationship. We could deal with anything that life threw at us after that and life has thrown several things at us since – many tests, much happiness, many challenges and loads of success. 

As you celebrate your birthday today, I dedicate this poem to you just as everything I write is always dedicated to you. 


2 thoughts on “To the centre of my universe … Happy birthday”

  1. Beautifully written Bindu.

    Please wish Krishnan a very happy, though slightly belated, happy birthday from us.

    Lots of love!

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