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Sari Story 4 -a special sari that was a gift

When Kumarika and I became friends in 2001, I got introduced to the world of Bengali Taanth sarees and the other cotton, silk sarees from Bengal. I had very few cotton sarees and most of them were the Madurai Sungadi cotton… I really didn’t have that many cottons also because I thought I was too fat at that time and they made me look fatter :):):). 

This sari was a gift from Kumarika’s mom for one of my birthdays and it has remained a huge favorite of mine since. Aunty had sent this with Kumarika and it had come in a box from the sari shop “Raj Gharana”. I am yet to visit that store, but will do that hopefully as part of the ShikshaDaan Yatra. This is a mixed cotton with beautiful embroidery on the Pallu. 


Wore this at Mandi, this is at the Visco Resorts 🙂


This is at the Principal’s office at ITI, Mandi. No am not angry… if I dont smile, I look angry :):):):)


This was taken in Sept 2014 at home. I used this as a profile picture for a long time !

Lovely sari and one that I will continue to wear for many years !


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  1. Saree is the most graceful dress a woman can think off. Bindu you look even more graceful in this attire.

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