Other Loves !!

Postcards from Una

Dates that we stayed in Una – April 13 to 16.

Hotel – Suvidha Palace

Rooms – Well, the first room they showed nearly made me cry. Insist on staying in the suite 106. It’s a large, well appointed Suite. Book directly with Suvidha Palace, don’t book through MakeMyTrip. They are more expensive, don’t give the option of the suite and don’t transfer the entire details to the Hotel. Also check the almirah in the room, currently stinks of paint … So we didn’t use it. The suite has a refrigerator and kettle, also an ironing board.

Food – we tried the veg pulao which was nice. Don’t have the Lassi … Not very good.

Wi-Fi … Not available. Airtel 3G works. Reliance datacard doesn’t work anywhere in HP.


A new wing is being added and there is ample parking.



Fresh samosas being made 🙂


Fresh vegetables arriving.. the cauliflowers were especially tempting !


This ATM is only open for 24 hours :):):):) … they have discovered more hours in a day.


Please eat the Jalebis at Kapila Sweets and buy curd from here. We got to eat really mouth watering Jalebis on Baisakhi, April 14th.


The season of sugarcane juice is here and we had our fill everyday. .. I have to do a blog on the different sugarcane juicers that we have seen around the world.


Yes, it rained as we left Una for Hamirpur. This is one of the most beautiful pictures taken by Krishnan… beautiful.


There is a viewpoint about 25 kms from Una to Hamirpur and the views of the Gobindsagar lake are spectacular.



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