Memorable day … And precious memories 

ManSingh Yadav … Wish your daughter many many happy returns of the day !! That you came to wish me on her birthday just makes me feel super special. Thank you and tell your daughter that she is lucky to have an awesome man like you for a dad :). Am now preparing for the Sukhoi ride.

Shalini Arora … I don’t know if I can hug you any tighter and with you in the room, it felt like Soni was there too. Thank you for the ride back home. My mother is complaining about why you didn’t eat anything.. So you will have to come back.

Jasjit, thanks for being there and committing to our joint retirement plan and Sanjay, thanks for putting me on the spot .. Now everyone is wondering what juicy gossip about them I shared with you :):).

Veni and Neelu – as you saw, you missed nothing by not being DRs. The gyan was similarly applied to both of you.

Rohit and Rohit …what can I say. You both are special people and my role was just to prod you to do what you hesitated to try and nudge you with my gentle nagging. Very proud of all that you both have achieved and very excited to see what you both will achieve in the future.

Sri – I had forgotten about the first presentation…. Thanks for reminding me and Ashish about that. Ashish has extra grey hair because of all the presentations that he had to redo.

Shalini and Simi … Your silence spoke volumes, as did the hugs. Thank you and Simi, there is more work so expect me to call 🙂

Shakun – your affection came through the phone lines as though you were in the room … Thank you.

Jayant – Rohit missed the “Hari chutney” today but he has the information filed away, so next time it will be there.

Dilip, am so glad that we could meet before your move out of the country and I will hire you anytime for any role because you will do an outstanding job everytime. So there never was a time when I wouldn’t have hired you.

And my personal Sunshine man Amit … Just managing to keep my personal laptop, phone and sari safe from any cake dropping on them was a little tough but all of them escaped. :):):). Just as your team members cry when they want to attrite I am too as I write this. You just stay the way you are and let no one tell you otherwise. The world is a better place because of people like you. And Jo has rechristened you “organic virus” because you are a healthy virus and being infected by you brings good cheer !!

Geojo, Dipreet and Kabir – missed meeting you all, and thanks for staying true to your styles :):). Now you will have to come home and meet me.

Narinder, Gautam, Ashok, Sneha – Thanks for being there in spirit.

Kannika, Roopali, Amit Garg, Madhur, Mandeep, Manjit, Damini, Ankit, Arvind, Deepak, Lakshmi, SriPriya, Renuka and many others who were there, a big thank you for making the day so special and memorable.

Am touched and overwhelmed … Thank you all, thank you Aon Hewitt. As I said, I don’t see this as a break but just a fork on the road where I move towards fulfilling my dream, made possible because of all of you and the awesome Aon Hewitt. We stay within visible range always. 


And yes the selfie with Amit … See why I call him Sunshine ?


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