At 10, 91.1 stopped :):)

This is the first time I was reluctant to leave Chennai… I like Chennai but am not super fond of it. I love the sarees at Kumaran Stores and its THE place where most of my sarees come from. I was a die-hard fan of Saravana Bhavan but have shifted my allegiance to Murugan Idli shop. I can spend hours at the beach but after 10 pm and Krishnan usually is uncomfortable at that time – he just feels it’s a little unsafe. I somehow find Chennai always safe, maybe compared to Gurgaon. And yes, family and friends will always make Chennai home. The weather gets me down as do the wet bathrooms :):). Well, maids and toilet cleaners everywhere in India have to learn to keep the toilets dry… It’s an alien concept because we think water cleans, so we keep pouring it. 

I love Chennai also because Illayaraja lives there, S.P. Balasubramanian lives there and Thalaivar lives there. :):) This time I was reluctant to leave Chennai because to celebrate Illayaraja’s birthday 91.1 FM channel is playing his songs all day long for 91 days. Oh just sheer bliss. Am sure Raja will be remembered in history amongst the greatest musicians of all time – just hear “Kaatril Enthan geetham” and “Illaya Nila” and “Paadu Nilave” and “Pani Vizhum malarvanam” and “Maasi Maasam” and “Pacha Mala Poovu” and “Ninnukori varanum” and “ohm namaha” and just about any song of his. Notice I use “and” not “or” because you can’t stop at one, you are hooked if you are a music lover. It doesn’t matter that the songs are in Tamil …. Just the music gets through to you and touches deep. And will there be another voice like SPB’s ? No, because guys like him and Rafi are not repeated – they come by once in a while and you just be thankful that someone invented the gramophone and the sophisticated recording systems so we can keep them alive. 

At 10am today we crossed the Chennai’s city limits and lost the connection to 91.1 FM channel. I did switch to our collection of Raja’s songs but somehow it was nice hearing them on the radio. 

“Nalam Vazha” is playing now and there will be others to follow … Can’t get enough of this music. Narayanan, Antony, Arun and Siva – we need to do a repeat of that evening at ISB one more time :):):)

May God bless the maestro with a long life, and may he create many more musical gems. “Azhagu Malar aada” … 

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