From “chai wala” to “paid spectators” – RIP CONgress

I had decided after May 16, that I won’t waste time writing anything about Mr. Mani Shankar Aiyar and I haven’t .. Maybe an odd point here or there but no mental or blog space wasted on that irrelevant man. We have a new PM, someone who infuses you with hope every time he speaks, works day and night with the single agenda of putting India back on the world map as the leader in every sphere. You really can’t ask for more ! Especially after our collective karma brought us a series of “non-doers”, corrupt and single family rule for the better part of our independent existence.

Today I got back from work and the first thing I watched was the recording of our PM’s address to the Indian diaspora at Sydney’s Allphones arena. He didn’t disappoint me, he certainly didn’t disappoint the crowds there. This man has the gift of the gab and the super connect of a great leader with the audience.

I had seen dear Salman Khurshid, taking on the mantle of vacant rants from Mr. Aiyar and saying “the crowds are all paid for”…. Many of the Indians in Australia were put off and rightfully so. Mr. Khurshid, the least your esteemed self should know is, Mr. Modi can attract the crowds with just his oratory skills, but he also “does” things. I know it’s a little difficult to stretch your limited imagination because you have had no exposure to such leaders. All you have had is an air head, probably stoned (if media reports are to be believed) excuse of a “leader”, who to top all these qualifications is clearly reluctant to take on the job.

It’s also a question of survival… We can sense the dread creeping into your very bones as it is into every true CONgress party worker that “acche din” for the country spells doom for you guys. Hey this PM is five years ahead of you all …. Actually there is no comparison, it’s like me playing Vishy Anand at Chess. It’s an insult to Vishy, just as it’s an insult to the PM by saying he is ahead in the political game where you are his opponent.

Anyway, I do hope you watched the “paid” crowds at Sydney, I wish we got that kind of enthusiasm in our “paid” employees, me included. It didn’t look like “paid” behaviour, it looked more like fan following, fans that pay and are “paid” for with the artist’s skill. In this case, the artist happens to be a political artist who walks the talk and Indians everywhere are feeling a sense of pride. You won’t get it. So save your vacant rants, go back to school, develop a new skill and find a new job. Your company ain’t going anywhere, it’s just dying. With people like you and that foul mouthed friend of yours, you guys are hastening the death. RIP CONgress.

9 thoughts on “From “chai wala” to “paid spectators” – RIP CONgress”

  1. Good that you stopped writing about Aiyer. He is an attention- seeking juvenile. It is best that you deny him that attention and despatch him to oblivion! Kaushik

  2. Very true. They are running out of imagination.

    People have rejected them outright. Instead of introspecting the reasons they are looking outside for the reasons.

    They suffer from “ostrich syndrome”. God save them.


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