Teachers Day at Siem Reap

Dear Appa,

Happy Teachers Day !! And thank you for being my first teacher. You gave me the values, the work ethic, the spine to face the world and the wings to fly. Thank you.

Infact I was remembering you a lot more yesterday… It was a day of pride and frustration mixed in equal proportions 🙂 and I was missing your portion of patience that never reached my DNA. We reached home around 11 am and the first sight of the place got me a little mad. The whole place was littered with leaves and fallen flowers and no one had used a broom since April when we were here last. Anyway, we went in and Prashanthi had made her famous biriyani. So we ate our fill and then I started to clean the place.

While cleaning is when I was remembering my college days when I stayed here alone. Do you remember the sweet shop owner who had built a small extension of the kitchen to make his sweets ? It took me so many days of scrubbing the oil stains off the kitchen slab and then to clean the toilet !! While cleaning the place yesterday, I felt a great sense of pride in all that you managed to achieve Appa. I don’t think I ever told you, but you are an inspiration for all those who think where you start decides where you can go. You started without enough money to eat three meals as a young boy, funded your own education by writing accounts for a temple and then when Poona Mama got you into MES you slogged hard to not just keep your job, but do it really well. This house represents that achievement. You wanted a house of your own, you wanted to travel and you didn’t want to work after your retirement – you achieved all three on your own steam. But you didn’t stop there, you ensured your brothers and sisters also got supported as much as possible and there are so many inspiring stories from their life too … That’s what made me feel very proud, you were a teacher not just for me, but for your brothers and sisters too.

The thing that frustrated me was Amma didn’t listen to me and stayed up all afternoon to clean the house further :(:(. I fought with her with the impatience that I inherited from her and yes things got ok by the time we left for the airport, but I don’t know how to deal with her sometimes. I thought I was stubborn like you, but I have inherited that too from her :). She refuses to take some rest and then do the work. I told her to do the cleaning over a couple of days, but I think she wanted it all done in one day. Now you have to influence her or tell me how.

Appa, I miss you a lot today … We reached Siem Reap, Cambodia around 1 pm today. It’s a beautiful place and everywhere there are sculptures showing stories from our Hindu scriptures and Buddha’s life. We will be going to see the Angkor Wat and other places over the next week. You would have enjoyed this trip so much. Maybe you would have danced the way you did with that dancer during the Egypt trip :):):) ok, ok, the one dance that I didn’t record !! Here there are apsaras Appa, but guess they are known to you now that you are in heaven and in their company… Enjoy, have fun and see Cambodia through my eyes.

Lots of love,

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