When people steal ..

I have to thank my friends Hareesh and Sunita for having found two of my blogposts plagiarised. The first one was my post titled “A letter to Mr. Aiyar” – it even got printed in a magazine with a few distortions ! I wrote to the magazine and got no response.

Now the blogpost on Priyanka “It hurts ? Ofcourse family comes first” has been posted on a Facebook page, word for word, without any acknowledgement to me or the link to my blog. Feels terrible. I don’t have a problem if anyone wants to share stuff I have written, but please share the link or atleast acknowledge that it’s not your own !

Copy pasting someone else’s words as your own is stealing… Please don’t do that. I have sent a Facebook message to the person who has copy pasted my Priyanka note… If I don’t see acknowledgement coming up, I do intend to paste the name and status page on this blog. I hope the person puts in the acknowledgement .. wouldn’t want his child to see that he took something that wasn’t his :(.

If anyone knows how to make the content on wordpress safe from copy pasting, do help. I am looking online as well.

2 thoughts on “When people steal ..”

  1. You can’t stop plagiarism or piracy, ergo don’t worry about petty thieves.
    And most people who read copied stuff would know that the author is elsewhere.


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