Feedback is a gift

I had a leader once who never took feedback from me and one other peer of mine in the entire time that he managed us … Because we both had nearly as much experience as him and most importantly he didn’t “like” us. While many years have gone by this still rankles !

This man went on to manage a large team because there was a dearth of other competent leaders but for me he will never be a role model or someone I will follow. He walked around with a list of “to-do’s” and a coterie that fawned over him and thought he had arrived in life. Am sure this picture fits many “leaders” in the corporate world. And that’s why you have a dearth of leaders.

The first quality that a leader must possess is the ability to take feedback and take it from people he/she likes or dislikes. Feedback is a gift as a dear friend keeps saying. I also know “real” leaders who took my feedback when I was a fresh junior colleague and not once did they justify any of it. Just said thank you and accepted the feedback.

Feedback is always a gift, if it’s positive, it builds confidence, if it’s constructive, it builds self-awareness so you win in both circumstances. Say “thank you” and accept the gift. Someone cared enough to give you feedback. Leaders running from feedback may win a marathon but not win hearts and certainly won’t win in teams.

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