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It hurts ? Ofcourse, family comes first !

Dear Priyanka… My heart goes out to you and your family. It’s terrible that people take potshots at you, your husband, your smart brother and your mother !! How dare they ? Don’t they know that your grandmother gave her life for the country and just 2800+ Sikhs were killed in Delhi alone to atone for a Sikh who killed her ??

Please don’t hold it against these people, that your father’s famous words as his colleagues went about killing the Sikhs is misunderstood. He only said “when a big tree falls, the Earth shakes” … And these uneducated folks don’t get it. It’s perfectly ok for your mother to call a certain man as the “maut ka saudagar”, she knows, after all she was the preferred daughter-in-law for your grand mother. She was born an Italian and now has become an Indian, so she knows, while these other folks have no clue.

You know, they should take lessons on public propriety from your mom – she and your brother managed to reduce an educated Prime Minister into a mute mouthpiece and he has no hard feelings … No small feat that. She even managed to wipe out another erudite capable PM’s work in bringing India out of bankruptcy from the record books because he didn’t care about your family. Terrible guy, serves him right. I must congratulate her on her tireless efforts to prop your brother onto the centre stage… Especially as he refuses to grow up. But even he managed to speak about women empowerment, RTI and 2002 riots happening, yippee, your mom rocks !

I must say your husband’s achievements make many of these old fogies jealous. Through sheer hard work in the gym and on the cycle, he managed to convert a few Lakhs into a few hundred crores and we won’t worry about his father’s and brother’s death. Once a man marries, we should only consider “his” family. What an achievement !! He probably will give Reliance a run for the quickest race to riches – they only created a 20,000 crore company in 20 years, but turning a few Lakhs into a few hundred crores is no mean feat and that too through sheer hard work in the gym.

My heart really went out to you and your family when your father died and it really was tragic. He was a nice man, forget Bofors and the Lakshadweep holidays but really, he minded his business of flying planes and never really wanted to get into politics. But with your grandmother becoming a martyr and the Congress party not having a single man left in it, they had to turn to him and just that one decision cost him his life. May his soul rest in peace as your grandmother’s does. Your family has had tragedy striking it at every corner .. Am actually reading Katherine Frank’s book on your grandmother and it seems she was hardly in India during her growing up years. Losing her mother early, spending time with your grand father in London and Switzerland, studying in many different schools, learning to ski, learning French … Such a tragic and lonely life.

We should really stop speaking about your family. You all deserve a break from the burden you have been carrying. Why not just step aside and let these guys kill each other or hug each other ? Guess what, there is precedence – a bigger burden was on the Mahatma’s family, to carry on the legacy, but those kids just stepped aside and let the country own the Mahatma. Nothing happened. We survived and thrived. So maybe if you all just step aside, we wouldn’t need to bring your illustrious family into every debate and every scam. Think about it !

Wishing you the very best.

Btw – love the sarees and you do remind us of your grandmother !!


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  1. We all understand she is hurt, and that’s the point. Most people know Sonia and family made lots of money from government and private projects illegally, but very few know that making money started from Nehru time. Of course we know that Motilal Nehru was a rich man who sacrificed a lot for India’s freedom, but it stopped right there. Nehru established a fat blind trust for the family. Indira Gandhi who was one of the better PM accumulated wealth to move to London and be a land lady. Since then it never stopped. This is not a witch hunt, it making India’s democracy respectable. Public wealth must be protected by its custodians!

  2. Thank you for the great article, and the point about MK Gandhi’s family getting out of the way. Boy, am I glad that I haven’t done anything to antagonize you. Keep it up.

  3. Many foolish, covert people, misunderstood congress or become an instrument of the India’s enemies and wrote all these baseless allegations. It is very easy to criticise a government than running it. We have seen how others failed, even the recent example in Delhi is not different.

    Yes, there are short comings, corruption that could have stopped, policy errors, delays, avoiding court criticism etc.

    But do not blame the whole government or the Nehru family. They were away from politics for more than five years. After so many compulsion from congress leaders across the country, they decided to come forward and salvage the Congress party. If Congressmen are happy about Sonia or Rahul at the helm, why outsiders should be worried. If someone think Robert amazed wealth through illegal way, go to the court. Thanks to Congress governments that they did not keep judicial system as a puppet of the ruling government. If the court is bold enough to criticise, that shows transparency and integrity of the government.

    Don’t undermine the vast developments and people friendly regulations the government brought forward. Some of them are landmark legislations.

    So if you are an independent blogger try to be open minded rather making comments for getting some cheap claps which doesn’t last long. If you are not writing for and on behalf of the enemies of the Great India, try to be neutral. Thanks

    Jose Nellivila

    • Hi Jose, Either you confess you are shareholder of congress corruption or you sure need to remove your blind fold and ear plugs, you will see and hear everything clearly dude! How much more money you want to dole to congress before it will be enough for you? 🙂

    • Wow Jose, you know Priyanka, Congress and Nehru family did nothing. Actually it’s all our fault; the fault of Indians, who uphold you and patiently wait like Mahatma Gandhi, that Congress will change India, or at least Congress will change themselves, or rather esteemed Gandhi family will change after gulping the entire nation’s wealth. But you know hunger for everything dies down, but not for ‘wealth’ and ‘power’…. By the way are you trying to be neutral !! Oh, Alas, it’s again our fault; We the people !!

    • “If Congressmen are happy about Sonia or Rahul at the helm, why outsiders should be worried”
      – because they are running to represent the country not the congress party. Therefore all Indians should be worried.

    • get your facts straight and dont be a sucker like the uneducated lot. If Kashmir problem exists it because of the SHIMLA AGREEMENT. we have the facts straight, be it bofor of the smuggling of artifacts…but if you still choose to believe in the family its your choice you cannot just say what you want just because u like to suck up

  4. Really some people still think for these people does not leave any doubt they are share holders As to going to courts ,Ashok Khemka was transferred 22 times in less years,by the then Congress admin, To not to allow him do any harm.

  5. Excellent. The Nehru-Gandhis should be kept out of Indian politucs. They’ve created enough havoc as it is

  6. Wonderfully written, but would appreciate if there can be a different article, covered with a para or two, for every gandhian, and showing the misdeeds every single one of them did to this country. I have read a previous article of your and appreciate the good work.

  7. If the Gandhi’s are responsible for all the bad that’s happened in this country and to this country then I guess the Hindu mahasabha the RSS vhp bajrang dal and the ram sene must be responsible for the development of this country BTW the adani group was worth six crores in 2001 and is worth 84000 crores so its no big deal it happens in india and especially in Gujarat where development is at its peak thanx to namo

  8. How about the pain of having to read Mr. Vadra’s name every time you board a flight as being exempt from frisking along-side the names of the heads of our state! Ashamed to be an Indian that elects this family back every time.

  9. a beautiful article coming out at the right time. in the first place, it is absolutely essential for the media, specially the print media, to ensure that whenever they refer to Sonia, Rahul or Priyanka, the late Mrs. Indira and Mr. Rajiv (the names which crop up often), they must mention that this ” Gandhi ” has nothing to do with the Mahatma. 80% of the population living in villages and hinterland and many in urban areas often confuse themselves to believe that the present Gandhis belong to the Mahatma Gandhi family. Raking up the issue of vadra seems to have pinched priyanka.

    It is true that in their own interest they step aside. better late than never.

  10. It is hilarious to see the Jr saying things like “corrution is our main issue, we will bring it to an end” or “we have to make society safe for women” or “bring the prices down” or just about anything similar to what the AAP’s agenda is. Should someone not ask the Jr as to WHO brought our country to such a state! Was it not Congress under the NG family ruling the country all this wjile?

  11. This post might well be your ladder to fame..if you aren’t already famous… Love the satire and the style of writing..And as a blogger you are free to be biased in your opinions… But if you do work and have a Boss..WHom would you prefer..A tyrant or a dumb guy…If none..Time to give AAP a chance… 😉

  12. Hilarious!!! To be fair to Rajiv Gandhi though, he initiated technology reforms in India during the first 2-3 years of his term, before the system caught him.

  13. In the name of reforms the Gandhi family sucked the nation n did all the scams technically…May the whole clan,(, include Priyankas kids)..pl carry all the bags n packages…..the Italian lady…i always trust a spy in her must leave the nation n settle anywhere,,,,,,,Enough is enough…let somebody rule n do it…. we r helpless,,,,we are fed up……

  14. Gandhis have been in powerfor55 yrs since independence Delhi Indian capitol still does not have 24/7 water electricity only b’cause of Gandhi Khandaan who.have sucked India dry Constituency of Gandhi are worst off voters are stupid to be voting for them On what basis is VVadra exempt of frisking and why should we tax payers bear burden oof maintaining Vadras in govt accommodation 35 Lodhi Road they are private citizens but no India has to pay for them

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