दाने दाने पे लिखा है खाने वाले का नाम ! Every grain has the name of the person who will eat it

I guess destiny is just what happened to my blogpost on Jan 1st 🙂 I had completed the blogpost last night and tried posting it but the network played truant and I couldn’t. Finally today I managed to post it just now and it doesn’t allow me to change the date to the 1st. So am just letting it be …

Also what happened to the American tourist’s seat.. She was on the same row of seats as us when we went to Amritsar on the 31st and today she was sitting one row ahead of us. Suddenly she realises the seat is wet and has made her pants wet 🙁 really bad experience. So she sat on another seat and a family came in an hour later and made her change her seat again. I don’t think we have a way to dry these cushioned seats and they will have to dry the natural way with more unknowing passengers sitting on it. Destiny ?

In Hindi we say the title of this blogpost – every grain has the name of the person who will eat it. It does appear to be true. The seat next to Amma was vacant and a man came and sat there saying he is getting off in 30 mins at the next stop..don’t think he even had a ticket, leave alone for the E1. The breakfast service started just then and he got a tray of food. His stop got announced but he managed to eat his food in those few minutes :):) after he got off, the person who had paid for this seat came and sat down and got a different tray of food ! Destiny ? You bet.

I have an old train story to further prove this Hindi saying. This was in 1998. A group of us were travelling to Mumbai from Delhi for a training session of Tuff Trak. Just the week before that Krishnan and I had fallen sick, in the first winter of ours in Delhi. Harjit and Gurleen had bought us juicy ripe apples and we had not eaten even one. We took it along for the Mumbai train trip and just a few stations before Mumbai a group of Hijras came into the compartment. Since we had no money to spare, I gave them the bag full of apples. So obviously their name was written on those apples and not ours :):)

Interesting saying and an interesting topic to mull over !

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