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I want to thank Marc Zuckerberg for Facebook …. It’s because if him that am able to write this post today. I was checking out Facebook and came across this video that Arun had posted and I knew I had got my example for someone who lived life without limits. She started to sing at a nightclub in Chennai the year I was born, 1969 and 44 years later is still singing. She has sung “English” songs (pop, jazz), and 13 Indian languages besides several foreign languages. She was born in an orthodox Tamil Brahmin home and continues to wear sarees while singing the “English” songs.

I know the minute you read the sari and “English” songs, you knew I was talking about Usha Uthup. Usha has never been formally trained in music and just started singing because she loved to sing. She has a voice that is certainly different and a personality that shines differently. Her large bindi, the flowers in her hair and the undying source of enthusiasm … A heady cocktail of life and living. She moved on the unbeaten path, did everything her way and broke through every limiting belief. You realise as a woman in the 70s in India and singing in clubs, Usha must have been subjected to society’s questions, her singing would have been ridiculed and her character assassinated – none of that dampened this awesome woman.

She has always been someone I identified with and I share her penchant for sarees… She is the best example of living limitless and chasing your dreams, doing just what you love.

Watch this video skyfall in a sari. And shine like a diamond.

My fellow women – this one is for us, break through any self-limiting belief you have and watch Usha Uthup’s life if there are any lingering doubts. LIVE LIMITLESS.

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  1. Bindu Thanks a lot for the nice article about Ushaji.I am fortunate to spend some time with her in Trivandrum. She is very simple and down to earth person . Her “Bindi” represent real Indian woman . In her own words “never forget your past”


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