Earth hour at Masinagudi

When you have no TV – you have so much more time !! We went to Club Mahindra’s Masinagudi resort yesterday. Suggestion – Never leave Bangalore to go towards Coorg, Ooty after 6 am – the traffic is just CRAZY. I had decided not to get angry but it’s just impossible. Many people on a highway forget basic manners and driving rules 🙁

I also need some rational explanation for the number of speed breakers in Karnataka. Every few kilometres there is a speed breaker. Guess its very appropriate, for it js exactly the way this state is governed !! Everything with its speed broken. What was once a model state, needs remodelling.

Anyway the drive inside the Bandipur forest is beautiful. The roads from Nanjangod are really well laid. We have such a beautiful country, if only we don’t mess with it. The total distance of 258 kms took 5 hours with a stop for lunch. Watch the sides of the road after Nanjangod and inside the forest area – the drop is worse than a speed breaker and many of the fancy new cars would get hit 🙁

The Club Mahindra resort is a partnership with Zest resorts in Masinagudi and this place has the largest rooms that we have ever seen in a Club Mahindra resort ! Nice large room. They came by around 8 pm to hand over candles and between 830 to 930 pm all lights were switched off, mains were switched off, and people had to light up the candles. Felt exactly the way our ancestors before Edison ! But we could still hear our favourite songs thanks to Mr. Jobs … And without TV we managed to do enough reading, listening to songs and generally chit chatting – so refreshing.

There is no connectivity to the internet. Reliance datacard does not work. 3G is no “g” but phones work well.

Good earth hour – in the lap of nature. Very fitting, the Mudumalai forests are protected and are an important part of the ecosystem.

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