The First day – Meeting inspiration

I agreed on the drama, but not death when I was born !!

There was thunder, lightning, and rains the day I was born in Tirunelveli. There were eight children born in that nursing home that day and I was the only girl and my mother wanted a son so badly. Since I had agreed with God that I want drama, I got enough of it – lights went off, the doc had a social engagement, my mother ate when she was not supposed to and in true filmi style my eldest Maasi was asked to sign off her sister and she asked that I be saved…. Again in true filmi style, that piece of paper was stuck on my mother’s hospital bedpost and I was delivered.

Since I agreed on no death, my mother came back from the dead. She went all blue and the doc gave an earful to my Maasi but Tirupati Balaji intervened and pulled my mother back from the happy floating away she was attempting. Thats how the first person to see me on this earth, this time around was Padmasini, my eldest aunt (Maasi).

What can I write about her ? She was the eldest daughter in a 6 daughter, 5 son family. Married off to a gentleman (?) when she was 16 or thereabouts and off she went to Calcutta. Didnt know the language, had to travel without knowing any other language other than Tamil and learn the customs of a new family. What an colorful life she led …. in retrospective, but while she was going through it, what a disastrous one it was. A philandering husband, an autistic younger son, and in-laws that were ready to chew her alive. Just one source of happiness – her elder son, who again was sent off to a prison school so he would not be influenced by the father and ended up calling his mom and dad as “mama and mami” till their death since he never knew them as parents.

It was a privilege to be welcomed by Padmasini – a woman who had all doors shut on her face, but lived through it all with amazing zest, and kept opening newer doors, windows or breaking down walls all with a smile and never once asked the question, why me…. So I started life meeting inspiration.

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