Spineless and Indifferent

A couple of months back the nation was outraged that a young woman was raped and stabbed in a condo complex in Mumbai and she actually managed to drag herself and knock on her neighbours doors, but no one came out to help her. We read that in disbelief and tut tutted saying “this generation … Read more

Ideas Man

Last Sunday I was working on creating the program for a one day intervention on Monday and as always Krishnan was finding me interesting videos and other material. He found the right video for the finale and that really was a grand finale for the intervention. Then this Sunday I was working on another homework … Read more

Men and grooming !

Ok I do expect this to set off a debate 🙂 but if I hurt some of my men-friends’ sensibilities, I sincerely apologize upfront. Today’s Brunch carries several pages on the new trends in Men’s grooming – waxing, eyebrow shaping, wearing women’s clothes, tote bags, androgynous model Andrej Peijic etc. I pride myself on having … Read more

Term 2 – Rational to Delusional :)

The term started with two words “motivation” and “intuition” and in a Managerial Economics class ! So fascinating that what we thought would be just numbers, turned out to have an “intuitive” element as well. More on that … We discovered so much more about each other in this term.. Sreedhar and Bhat’s dancing, Mehraj … Read more


Yesterday for the first time I was defined as a rational being !! By Prof Shamika explanation of rationality as defined by the Economists, I do qualify for a rational being – most of the time. So all my friends who think I have lost it and am being irrational, I will explain why I … Read more

Term 2

After many flights I finally got my favourite window seat and that too in row two, the Indigo flight was as always full but the one person who had the window seat didn’t come !! I take it as a positive omen for the Financial Accounting test tomorrow morning. It rained as we took off, … Read more

Veda … :)

Whats in a name ? My dear Prashant Bhardwaj called in the morning today and sounded really tired. So I asked him why and he says “someone has to check Veda’s batteries, she seems to have more energy than the energiser bunny !! Just running after her the whole day exhausts me and Pooja.” While … Read more

Arnab, the mirror !

I was watching Arnab’s news hour today where he was talking about VIP behaviour in India and how they need to behave. It was trial in the media, transposing the national anger onto himself and most importantly making sure everyone agreed with his point of view !! I like Arnab – he started out well … Read more

Aries woman Taurus Man

Twenty two years back on this day Krishnan took my hand and walked around the sacred fire to make a public statement of what we knew six months back in an instant – that we were soulmates. Today I had to return the favor and take his hand to help him across another nature’s element, … Read more