Oprah came visiting and because her security detail roughed up some media folk, she will never visit India again …. Touchy ? Hmm – suddenly all those talk shows of hers seem so shallow. One problem and the country is off limits. Has she learnt anything at all from interviewing the hundreds of celebrities ? … Read more

Lunch tamasha

For the first time it was a sense of release from a jail when we exited from Kingdom of dreams culture gully !! We wanted some food packed and this amazing place does not pack anything… I didn’t invent the doggy pack, hotels did and rightfully so. So either you go to KOD with the … Read more

What is your name ?

The night is dark and deep But the picture from the morning Refuses to go away…. She stopped the traffic Holding a decorated box Mostly empty Unkempt and ill-fitting clothes A tiny frame Couldn’t have lived more than four or five years Unconcerned about the light That had turned green… Horns blaring for no one … Read more

Story of Vikesh’s wedding

Ok finally here it is – tracking the last few eventful days. On Saturday we reached Mumbai after dropping off Amma at Danam’s place. Went straight to meet Vijaya Mami at her workplace. Took the Worli sealink for the first time. The city of Mumbai looks fancy from a distance, it’s only when you get … Read more


Jan 16, 2012 at Mumbai Chattrapati Shivaji airport …. Gate A5 and incoming Indigo flight has just arrived. This is the first time we have come to these gates (A1 to A8) and visually its quite a treat. More like the Hyd airport, but Krishnan tried the toilet and it wasn’t clean 🙁 sad. But I guess that’s … Read more

It is still the 14th

While technically its the 15th.. It is still the night of the 14th for me. Sitting in the room at Grand Maratha Sheraton, Mumbai. Am probably back here after several years, came when I helped the CS teams in Mumbai five years back !! So much has changed at work, I nearly forgot about this. … Read more

Vikesh’s wedding

All set to go to Mumbai !!! Vikesh’s marriage 🙂 I still remember Vikesh walking up to me and saying, it’s your type of escalation, please take it. The move to Mumbai, pursuing his dream of making a movie which I thought was very cool. The struggle to finance his first movie, his coming home … Read more

Happy birthday Mahesh

Many many happy returns to you Mahesh Iyer !!! You look 40 and sound like you are 30 when one speaks to you over the phone …. So are you sure you turned 60 today ?? Please remember my advise that age is just a number and it’s in your head 🙂 Here’s something I … Read more