My friend has cancer

It is a strange feeling to wake up to the news of a friend battling cancer…. A week back a friend on Facebook had posted the following message and asked his friends to re-post. I read it and chose to be in the 97% that didnt repost saying I won’t have any of my friends … Read more

An Indian Customer

Yesterday I imagined getting many things done … Till I called Vodafone at 8.30 am. I am a loyal Vodafone customer for the past 10 years with the same postpaid number. I had asked for an additional connection for my mom on the 21st and Vodafone sent their rep to collect the papers etc the … Read more

Who killed Mahi ?

Little Mahi died because people older and smarter than her left a large hole uncovered !! Mahi’s story has been repeated several times in the past and will be repeated several times in the future. We will rationalise it by saying, her past karma was such, she should have been more careful, parents should have … Read more

Puncture Fest – the survivor ride

Disclaimer right upfront – this blog does not refer to yesterday’s ride, especially Rajesh Tiwary’s teeny weeny puncture filled ride 🙂 but it’s inspired by it. Yesterday five of us from Gurgaon started off on a ride to Sanjay Van. Just near Ghitorni metro station Rajesh Tiwary’s bike had a puncture, then another, then another … Read more

Corporate Seasons

In corporate life, just as in your personal life, timing is everything … When you say something, when you do something, when you are aggressive, when you are assertive and when do you showcase an idea !! Most of us do not recognise the right moment and many of us don’t wait for it – … Read more

Outsourced prayer line

The other day, my cousin called up mom to give her a list of things that need to happen and my mom was to pray for her. I immediately had this vision of an outsourced prayer line, where you call in and give your list of things to pray for and someone is doing the … Read more

Many hues of domestic violence

Last Sunday, Satyamev Jayate brought up the issue of domestic violence. It is another well hidden truth across the world, not just in India. In India it takes on religious connotations and our film world has added to it – your husband is your God, whether he beats you up or berates you or sleeps … Read more

Different outlooks towards life !

Vijay TV has the Tamil version of the famous “Kaun Banega Crorepati” or “Who wants to be a millionnaire” called “Neengalum Vellalam Oru Kodi” hosted by Suriya (the original “Ghajini”). About three days back there was this participant from the fisherman community, who left a huge impression. She was bubbly, full of verve, great smile, great presence and … Read more

How Funny !

Once upon a time farmers grew rice, wheat, other grains and vegetables and we managed to eat well. Then fertilizers were created and one more potent than the other. The same farmers managed to double their yields, sometimes triple their yields and we all managed to eat well. Then some scientists created genetically modified vegetables, … Read more

The great germ buildup

Watch the adverts closely … most of them are about germs in your mouth, on your hands, in your armpits and overall everywhere and how to save yourself from these germs. We seem to be swayed by the West, especially America. I was at a farmer’s market in the US during one of my visits … Read more