The non-retiring legend

He was the first sportsman to be awarded the “Khel Ratna” award, he became a international player of repute by the time he was twenty and was awarded the Padma Shri when he was just eighteen. He is considered one of the legends of the game and is acknowledged as […]

Split second drama…

All the drama, All the laughter and tears All the hatred and love Between two breaths.. The cycle of life and death Between the time you breathe in And are able to breathe out …. Then again breathe in… If anywhere along the way, The cycle breaks All the hatred […]

Modern mom

Dear Appa, Do you recognize this lady ? Yes it is Amma, who is reading “Shakti Vikatan” on Krishnan’s iPad. Not just this, Krishnan has taught her how to send SMSes and everyday now she sends me a couple of text messages. She has figured out her own improvisation for […]

Thanjavur Doll – Manjula

Yesterday we were watching Visu’s “Makkal Arangam” – for non-Tamilians, it’s a chat show that is conducted in remote and urban centres by an erstwhile film director Visu and the show has been running for more than ten years. Visu picks up interesting topics and gets participants to debate, some […]

Wisdom is fickle

I feel wisdom and age are inversely proportional, contrary to what most people think. Let me try and explain why.. A baby is helpless, but is clearly focussed on what is absolutely important in life – food, shelter for the body and love and learning for the soul. The baby […]

Diwali drive !

For Diwali in 2007, Krishnan and I left from Bangalore between 4.30 and 5 am and were at Krishnan’s mom’s place in three and a half hours. We fell in love with the highway and made several trips during the two years that Krishnan was in Bangalore. Then on Thursday […]

Diwali special

While growing up I would always look forward to Diwali because I would get new clothes and Appa would get “sweet boxes” from his colleagues at work. Till I reached college and started to sew my own churidars and salwar kameez’s I just managed with a couple of dresses because […]

A life unlived

One of my uncles passed away yesterday … He was married to my father’s sister. She had passed away almost six years back. They have three children, two daughters and a son, all married with children of their own. My aunt had a sharp tongue but she worked her heart […]