One sitting books :)

I am a book worm, have been since the time I could read. My special love has been fiction for the longest time, till I met Krishnan and then I started reading self-help, biographies, etc. Then once I moved into senior management, leadership positions, my interest shifted completely to the leadership and management books. I … Read more One sitting books 🙂


Affirmations .. Prayers

Almost all the religions in the world have scriptures, holy book(s) and prayers that you repeat. The new age gurus like Louise Hay, ask us to repeat affirmations that help to heal. Ofcourse, Masters who walked the Earth like Buddha, Osho and many others spoke of meditation and “no-mind”. New age corporate gurus try and … Read more Affirmations .. Prayers

Time is relative

Yesterday I was part of an interesting session on time management and it got me thinking about how we manage time. It’s one of the most felt training need, that comes up with almost everyone in all walks of life. The best tool I have come across is (late) Stephen R Covey’s planner, which he … Read more Time is relative

Is it difficult to be good ?

I completed reading this amazing book “The difficulty of being good” by Gurcharan Das a couple of weeks back. It’s going to be difficult to summarize the book, but am going to pick ten statements that are worth meditating over. This book has to be read and re-read and re-read for the meaning to really … Read more Is it difficult to be good ?

How we believe clever advertising ..

Today, I was out for a walk at the nearby park in the morning. I went at 7 and for 45 minutes it was the regular group of walkers, runners and badminton players. At 7.45 there was suddenly a small stall setup and four guys wearing bright yellow T.shirts and holding up a placard, took … Read more How we believe clever advertising ..

Perception is reality…

We think we are rational beings and that we can’t be fooled easily .. Wrong. Our trickster mind fools us all the time. Here’s an interesting personal incident. We got both our cars serviced recently a week apart. The Toyota service centre was classy as always, people were available when we reached, but the person … Read more Perception is reality…

49 day drama … An opportunity lost

When the Jantar Mantar Anna fasts were held, the mood was nearly like the independence movement – everyone excited about exposing corruption in high places. Arvind Kejriwal burst onto the national platform as the master strategist, organizer and activist. Then Congress threw the gauntlet much like Shakuni using Yudhistra’s weakness for the game of dice … Read more 49 day drama … An opportunity lost