Re-introduction to PGPMAX

On Friday, (the 13th) I attended the introductory session for PGPMAX in Bangalore. I went early as always and sat through the session as Sanjay explained the benefits and the differences between PGPMAX and other exec MBA programs. While we waited for the participants to gather, the AV had pictures […]

Thalaivaa… Happy birthday

Am an unabashed Rajinikanth fan and have been for the longest time. Infact for a long time, in our team meetings, I would check with my Chennai colleagues if he was doing well and news about him, much to Raghavan’s irritation. Anyone who is more than an acquaintance of mine, […]

Speak Up!

The year was 1988. I had just then joined one of the leading FMCG companies as a Territory Sales Manager. In fact I joined the FMCG company after working for about seven years with Cipla. For me it was a shift from Pharma to FMCG, a change that I sought […]

The 40th anniversary ..

Dear Appa, I was remembering Amma and your 40th anniversary today… Krishnan was in Bangalore then with CPG and I had come over for his birthday on May 16, a day before your anniversary. You had been here the month before for my birthday and then returned to Hyderabad .. […]

Advantages of Disadvantages…

What happens when underdogs face powerful opponents? This is a very interesting and fascinating subject for all us. In fact besides the famous David Vs Goliath biblical story that we have all heard, there are several other cases in history where the proverbial underdogs have defeated their invincible opponents. I […]

Work Life Im-balance

Am sure many read the title as Work life balance and assumed I had done a typo error …. No I haven’t. While most organizations have this as one of their “cultural” pillars, the reality is quite different. What is work life balance and why is it important ? I […]

A true hero leaves

Many people wished that he lived on, but he got just 95 years on his ticket… Nelson Mandela, bids farewell today in a free South Africa. Am not sure if he could close the divide much, but the Apartheid regime is gone and hey, others can carry on his work. […]