Day 1, 2014

Just had the most awesome start to the year … First, we entered Darbar Sahib (the Golden Temple) exactly at 11.59 pm and as we rang in the New Year with the shimmering temple shrouded in thick fog and still so peaceful. Crowds were thronging the parikrama, but still there […]

On the way to Amritsar …

If there is any doubt if India one day would be clean and train travel would be hassle free and enjoyable, please take the Swarn Shatabdi from New Delhi to Amritsar. The coach is spotless, the seats well appointed and everything works. Sitting right now in the Swarn Shatabdi on […]

Phew !! Finally it arrived

My debit card was to be renewed. When I got the first message that the card had been dispatched, I told Krishnan and mom to expect it soon at home, since I had updated the Bangalore address, wrong assumption. The bank account aligned to the card still had my Pizza […]

Pools of competency, incompetency

As the appraisal season is on us, I was wondering about the bell curve, the high potentials and this whole angst ridden process. Ideally every team should have people with different competencies, abilities and attitudes. Overlay this with two other concepts – you hire people like yourselves and birds of […]

Boss Man or Yes Man or On My own

There are all kinds of people working in organisations. Basis my own experience, I have attempted to categorise people working in organisations into one of the above categories. While I do agree that the work culture and environment makes one to fall into one of the above categories, I am […]