Book Review – Fahrenheit 451

This book by Ray Bradbury was part of a list of 20 must read books so I bought it and am glad I did.  For me somehow this book seems to come to the philosophy of “objectivism” as propounded by one of my all time favourite author Ayn Rand. It’s a dark novel that depicts … Read more

Good work gets noticed, always…

The other day, our dear friends, Abhay and Padmaja were at home. While Abhay is a very successful lawyer practising in High court and the Supreme Court, Padmaja, Abhay’s life partner, teaches in a premier school in Noida. They are blessed with two wonderful daughters who are pursuing their interests, making their parents proud of … Read more

48 hour days and 4 day weekends

Are you smiling ? And chuckling that I have finally lost it? Hmmm Shalini must be saying that she has successfully transferred her Friday madness to me. My friend Shalini’s madness starts taking over from Wednesday onwards and progressively becomes unmanageable by Friday :):) And its good, I enjoy it. I just wish she could … Read more