Appraisals and 2014 elections

Am just looking for lessons from the 2014 elections and everyday seems to throw a new one. No this isn’t about Jaswant singh. That is part of another lesson. 🙂 This is about how we all assume that when we get adulation, it’s forever and when someone has negative ratings, […]

A very different narrative

I just completed reading “A tale for the time being” written by Ruth Ozeki. While the style of writing in first person as she experienced it all, is not very novel, the connection to the Tsunami and other recent events and the constant back and forth between the old and […]

Why should I look young?

Three countries top the global skincare products sales – Japan, USA and China… The total global retail sales of beauty products in 2010 was $382.3 BILLION and the industry is growing at a CAGR of 5.5%. The BRIC countries constituted 21% market share of the global beauty industry and are […]

Is Afzal independent … An old article

Today while searching for something else, I found this article of mine from 2008. Sadly, it’s so relevant even now .. I had written this for a magazine called Mind Positive that’s printed for a forum I was part of long back. ————————- Is Afzal Independent ???? On August 15, […]

The best Bhelpuri

Dear Appa, Guess what Amma did yesterday ? Went out for a walk late in the evening and while coming back a little boy on a cycle came out from between two cars and hit her. She fell down and has scratches all over … And a boxer’s shiner on […]

Quiet and tucked away ..

Today we walked around trying to explore Yercaud a bit. It was a beautiful morning, a little nippy but slowly it got really warm. The club mahindra property is near the lake. It’s a collaboration with Hotel Lake Forest which was a villa in the 1800s. We walked early in […]