Double celebration !

Last year on April 6th, I was sitting in the Club Mahindra Coorg property trying to complete a project submission and feeling really bad that I wasn’t able to celebrate my birthday :). Krishnan and I are big on celebrations… Just the type of celebration varies. We don’t party, but […]

Sam Bahadur – live a 100 more !

My first memory of seeing Field Marshall Sam Manekshaw is on television during an interview and how his elder daughter got named Sherry and his grand- daughter got named Brandy… There was something arresting about the man. You didn’t have to understand a word of what he said, but you […]

The cream always floats to the top !

Finally the Dean’s list was announced and the top six scholars were announced …. No surprises in our batch. Kapil Kumar Jain topped the class and no wonder, we knew that within the first few classes. He was probably one of the few who didn’t sweat DMUU :):) early indication […]

Appraisals and 2014 elections

Am just looking for lessons from the 2014 elections and everyday seems to throw a new one. No this isn’t about Jaswant singh. That is part of another lesson. 🙂 This is about how we all assume that when we get adulation, it’s forever and when someone has negative ratings, […]