Feedback is a gift

I had a leader once who never took feedback from me and one other peer of mine in the entire time that he managed us … Because we both had nearly as much experience as him and most importantly he didn’t “like” us. While many years have gone by this […]

The true “Vedavalli”

My mother-in-law came and stayed with us for a couple of weeks in March, just before we moved out of Bangalore and in the twenty four years I have known her, this time I felt she has lost a lot of her vitality. My mom-in-law has had every adversity thrown […]

End surrogacy of leadership

The not-so-young twit hoping to be the PM doesn’t have time to canvass in his constituency so the not-so-young sister is canvassing on his behalf … The question that begs itself to be asked is – will she also govern on his behalf ? Look around us – nearly everything […]

The power of our mind …

Milton was blind and nearly 300 hundred years ago he wrote these two lines – “The mind is its own place, and in itself Can make a heaven of Hell, a hell of Heaven.” Just brilliant and probably a great truth. Look around us, everyone reading this blog is certainly […]

A day without fans …

Imagine a day that you need to spend in the summer of Delhi without fans… hot and terrible. And you don’t have the option of cooling yourself with an airconditioner either. What would you do ?Struggle and be in pain, right? Then why do we think that a day in […]

Likes and dislikes …

Abraham Lincoln is a great man and will probably remain a great man for many many centuries for just this one quality – his ability to separate his like or dislike for a person to influence his judgement of his competence. There is probably no other President in American history […]

Balancing and Alignment

We drove from Bangalore to Poovar, near Trivandrum in 2007 .. And the reason we will never forget that one road trip is because of the road conditions and getting the wheels balanced and aligned two days in a row for the Toyota Corolla !! We went from Bangalore to […]

Two more fathers …. Gone !

She is unseen, unheard of for 5 years and every five years out she comes and suddenly everyone wants a picture with her, what she says becomes the gospel, and all her husband’s corrupt deals are forgotten … And Congress believes she will win the elections for her mother and […]

Two fathers … Gone :(

Two fathers left the Earth in the past week… One while standing with his daughter to take her to school, for the very first time. The second on the day, he was to be discharged :(. Both deaths were untimely and reflected the times we live in. The first father […]

Be the best …

I was rummaging through my archives at work today looking for an email and I stumbled upon many memories and some amazing insights and notes. Here’s one of the them that I had written to Anupam and the customer service team, way back in May, 2004. It’s just a brilliant […]