Special birthday

Krishnan’s birthday today will remain a special one for a long long time .. First, because we woke up to see the beautiful Himalayas, pristine and glorious. Second, because the country got its second Independence with the dramatic victory of the Modi led BJP. We drove down to Gagar, a […]

Celebrate our second Independence Day

On May 16, 1996 – Atal Bihari Vajpayee took oath as the 10th Prime Minister of India and just for 13 days … Again in 1998, BJP couldn’t prove it’s majority courtesy Jayalalitha and lost the vote of confidence by one vote. Ofcourse Mr. Vajpayee led a successful NDA government […]

True quality shines through

Just started watching the NDTV exit poll predictions and Prannoy Roy set the stage. It’s such a sheer pleasure to watch Prannoy Roy speak and conduct the discussion. No shouting, no butting in, no strong personal opinions forced down your throat and still riveting. Yes we all know he is […]


We hear this word day-in day-out in different forms, it has several synonyms. Team work, working together, cooperation etc etc.. and why? Collaboration underlines the universal fact that human beings are social animals, that we are all connected and we need to work together to succeed. Your very existence is […]

Last letter to Mr. Aiyar

Dear Mr. Aiyar, your choice of words and the scornful smirk on your face force me to write this today and not on May 16th, when my country, India, would celebrate its second Independence Day !! You are on all channels with the serene blue/green Buddha and the beatific visage […]

Fair or unfair ?

In the corporate world there is one constant feedback for many managers – that he/she is unfair. Let’s remember that fairness is not objective. It’s subjective and each person’s sense of fairness is different. Then how does one treat everyone fairly and appear to have treated everyone fairly ? Look […]

“Neech” to “Niche”

The CON team has no tricks left in the bag to counter the NaMo wave so the family is getting down and dirty in deriding their political nemesis !! So the daughter calls him “neech”, the mother with her Italian accent calls the work “neech” and the twit I think […]

Silently guilty – all of us

Sushmita was a regular woman married to an army officer. Her son was studying engineering in Assam. She committed suicide at the age of 45 in Oct 2012. Pinki is unable to get her 4 year old son into a good school … Someone was living in a flat that […]

Dealing with criticism

Winston Churchill had a framed copy of this quote on the wall of his study – “If I were to try to read, much less to answer, all the attacks made on me, this shop might as well be closed for any other business. I do the very best I […]

When people steal ..

I have to thank my friends Hareesh and Sunita for having found two of my blogposts plagiarised. The first one was my post titled “A letter to Mr. Aiyar” – it even got printed in a magazine with a few distortions ! I wrote to the magazine and got no […]