Aries woman Taurus Man

Twenty two years back on this day Krishnan took my hand and walked around the sacred fire to make a public statement of what we knew six months back in an instant – that we were soulmates. Today I had to return the favor and take his hand […]

Leadership bankruptcy

There are some over abused words in the corporate world, like “visibility”, “proactive”, “R and R”, “Values”, “metrics”, “vision”, etc and then there is death by PowerPoint :):) on these very topics. The hope is, inadequacy of skill will be made up with adequate and eloquent words. The […]


Two days and two “friends” behave in a way that hurts…. One came from another city within India and didn’t manage to find even one minute to just stop along the way to meet. He was in Gurgaon within 10 minutes distance and didn’t meet, didn’t even think […]

Smarten up !

There are two big challenges that a manager of manager faces – developing his/her manager and giving developmental feedback to him/her. The biggest challenge a manager of manager faces in developing his direct report is – not to be directive. It’s the easiest way to get things done, […]

Social animal, social media

The new whipping boy for our politicians is the social media, especially Marc Zuckerberg’s Facebook 🙂 Yesterday while watching the television news on different channels about the North East rumour, or Kanda’s surrender/arrest every politician was united in condemning the social media. Very funny… Remember those days when […]

I don’t get it !

Today morning Krishnan and I went to this mini-produce “Haat” that has been started inside Ridgewood Estate. It is a vendor who brings fresh vegetables and fruits every alternate day into the condo complex and his rates are cheaper than the “Safal” outlet that is already inside the […]

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